Will your next laptop be a supercomputer?

IBM has announced a scientific breakthrough that could see laptop-sized supercomputers within years, as well as thousand-core processors. What's more, the so-called supercomputers-on-a-chip could use the same energy as a light bulb. The process uses new light technology (silicon nanophotonics) that could eventually be used in domestic computers.

Today's supercomputers suck enough power out the grid to power tens, if not hundreds, of homes. Researchers detailed a significant milestone in IBM's aim to send information between multiple cores on a silicon chip using pulses of light through silicon, instead of electrical signals on 'wires'.

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predator3876d ago

dam, my head is spining lately with all this new tech news

mighty_douche3876d ago

bain of the internet... maybe they'll be avaliable in a few years but it'll be a loooooooong ass time before you and me can afford it.

e-ray3876d ago

This sounds fantastic, loads of potential across all things technology.

d3l33t3876d ago

quantum computing is the next leap. Nothing like using atoms to transmit data.

PS360WII3876d ago

doubtfull I was actually thinking of getting a macbook. I'm pretty sure they are not super computers.

INehalemEXI3876d ago

This is awesome save money on pg&e bill while advancing processing and graphical power RAar. WTG IBM.

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