Metro: Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand Review - back in action

Metro: Nobody, least of all EA, ever thought that Battlefield 3 would outsell Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. But in the end all the trash talking and blanket advertising did its job and Battlefield levelled up from cult to mainstream hit. But unlike Call Of Duty, or most other key EA franchises, it's not yet a yearly updated series. But nowadays there's more than one way to keep a game's name in the public consciousness…

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Dojan1232352d ago

Playing it on the PC and I like the maps much better than what came out of the box. The review was pretty good but the end score was lower than I though after reading the review. I would have giving theses maps an 8.5/10. The destruction is much better and the 64 players on the large maps are great.

Hufandpuf2352d ago

I agree. If the base maps disapeared one day I would not miss them. Dice did an amazing job remaking those maps

Elwenil2352d ago

Honestly, I love the new maps but I like some of the original BF3 maps also. With the new changes to the B2K maps, not may of them have the "feel" of the BF2 versions. There are some locations that feel very deja vu like the TV station on Sharqi and the fountain on Karkand but a lot of it just feels like generic, tight urban maps. To me, Kharg Island feels the most like BF2 maps since it's very open like they were. I like them all but I am a little disappointed with all the urban warfare in the B2K expansion. I'm hoping for a later expansion that has more open, woodland maps. Maybe a night snow map like Nelson Bay from BC2. Something to mix it up a bit from the sort of repetitive feeling desert town urban setting. Just my .02

scrambles2352d ago

I havent even played regular bf3 maps after getting b2k. B2k maps are so much more complex, so many more routes, more destruction. It shows how much their design philosophy has changed in 5 yrs. Operation metro, seine crossing, grande bazaar, and damavande peak are trash compared to old bf2 maps. If they make ones with this design in mind ill continue playing this for yrs

SpecialK2352d ago

The maps in this pack are all much better than the ones that came with the game. Seems odd that the older maps would be better, you'd think over time devs would get better at making maps.

Also I think the writer here is completely wrong about wake island on consoles. I was just playing it and on foot the distances between each objective are already pretty large if your on foot.

Plus the linear nature of the map means its not much of an issue having less bases, since most ground units will clash between two bases anyway. Plus with a lower player count on consoles a bigger map would string units out way too much

ginsunuva2352d ago

I think more linear maps (died out a few years ago) in general are much better than current maps found in most games.

UC2 maps (linear) > UC3 maps (squares)
BC2 maps (linear) > BF3 maps (squares)

zeroreloaded2352d ago

u must be a console player...

SpecialK2351d ago

So what if we are console players?

It might be ok having non linear maps on the pc version as there are enough players to have multiple battles. but on consoles there are not.

Plus its easier to set up private matches on pcs so that you play with proper clans, so people work together naturally. In console games though it helps using a more linear map as people are more forced into working together

Its odd, bf1943 on consoles had the ability for private matches, yet it doesnt seem to be on bf3. A lot of steps backwards in this game for some reason. still fun as hell though