Microsoft gives Vista boost with birth of Service Pack 1

SP1 might only be three characters, but it's make or break time for Microsoft. The corporation clearly remains hopeful that the Vista stragglers will want to make the transition once it has ironed out all the creases in an operating system riddled with tiny bugs.

Microsoft is making the Release Candidate (RC) of Service Pack 1 - the post-beta, pre-release version - available next week to the public via Microsoft's Download Center.

If you're lucky enough to have an account, you can get it today via Microsoft Connect or tomorrow via TechNet and MSDN. According to Microsoft blogger Nick White, the release indicates "that the code has attained a significant level of performance and stability".

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BrianC62343945d ago

What would help even more is better driver support. I installed the 64-bit version on my home desktop. Big mistake. My wireless card doesn't even work. If I upgrade to a new Windows I want the 64-bit version. Microsoft is way behind on 64-bit software. Come on already. Why have all this fancy hardware and such lousy 64-bit support? I'm thinking about wiping Vista out and just install Linux again. At least Linux is fun to play with. Vista is just a waste of time so far.

drewdrakes3945d ago

BrianC6234 - did your wireless card company offer a new driver for it? Your card will more then likely require a driver update. Its not like Microsoft can just attach 32 0's on the beginning of each address to get your card to work.

Kleptic3945d ago

...uh...yeah?...did you check the hardware manufacturer for new drivers?...I understand there are mass drivers for most regularly used hardware devices for a PC...but some still have specific drivers needed to work properly...

case in point...I bought a Vaio C140g a year ago for work...Vista wasn't out yet, it came with XP MCE...but had a coupon for a free upgarde to Vista Home Premium when made available...

so I got Vista right after it launched...did a full HDD wipe before, because I heard all about the trouble with "upgrading" to Vista...and just about nothing worked correctly...the fixed card readers...the USB ports (were not HiSpeed at first)...the internal wifi adapter...all kinds of stuff...

I then went to Sony's website...found a whole list of downloadable drivers and utilities for everything I needed...after about 3 minutes of downloading (they had a full installer for people that had just upgraded, rather than just going through each driver one by one)...and everything has worked perfectly...

I know a lot of people dislike Vista...I haven't had one issue with corrupted data...I back up over 50 gigs of DB2 information every day with this laptop, and I have had less issues with Vista than I did with XP before I upgraded...I agree it may not be the most necessary upgrade, but its not worse than XP...

PS3PCFTW3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

briamn is right.

in my office the computers that were attempted to be upgrade to 64 bit never worked correctly. the techs tried different hw configs, they left vital components out.....they just never worked correctly.

we do alot of video conferencing and its a shame that even camera 64bit drivers are nonexistent.

needless to say alot of pcs stayed on xp. the race to make pcs 4-8 gigs ram compatible was claimed to be can get it running, however all functionality is lost due to lack of drivers.
If youre attempting a laptop to run on 64 bits youre even more assed out. since those components are mostly integrated and they run on batteries...........which unfortunately at the moment do not have drivers so u get weird errors.

maybe in 2 years theyll have all this 64bit mumbojumbo figured out, but by then, MS will be releasing a new OS..........and pc afficionados will have to start their woes all over again.

me personally, im not surprised. Every reincarnation of windows has always been a poor os for its first few years . once all the updates start to roll out it becomes more usable. history often repeats itself.

we dont need vista nor dx10 to be honest..........its just bloatware.
xp and dx9 are perfectly fine, if not for the 2.5 -3 gig ram limitation ........i fix this on my own to a certain extent through msconfig and regedit. it doesnt adress the limitation problem but it certainly frees up a sh1tload of resources. i think anandtech also has a xptweak document or something of that nature.

vista and dx10 are so overrated its not even funny......its sad that all it has going for it is superfetch and the aeroglass theme.

leaopard has its own problems as well.........not as many, but proble,s nonetheless.

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games4fun3945d ago

and they are big on computers and pc games, they hate vista so much, one got vista and complains about it everyday that its ruining his computer and the other wont even switch he hates it so much. He plans on playing games only in dx9 no 10 and is pi$$ed at micro for forcing gamers to buy their next windows "upgrade" (those are air quotes)

drewdrakes3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

I am in a software/networking course and my friends are fine with it. The only problem is theres no reason to upgrade. It doesnt really offer anything thats needed. Its still a good operating system, your friends are just afraid of change.

Most of my friends actually like vista, i think its really great. Everyone is just way to critical of Microsoft and easy on Apple.

BrianC62343945d ago

I work with computers myself and have used them since 1979. And I don't like Vista either. My company has no plans to upgrade to it. Or is that downgrade? What a terrible operating system. Most of the features Microsoft talked about having in Vista were dumped. It took them this long to make this crap? Not good. XP isn't great but at least it seems to do the job and everything works with it. I usually tell people to stay away from Vista. If you're buying a new computer and don't have old hardware to use with it you should be okay. Don't bother upgrading.

I did upgrade myself but just to play with it. I don't really do much on my home computers. And I don't do PC gaming anymore.

mighty_douche3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

THANK YOU GOD............
its about bloody time.....
what the odds of an influx of complaints when this starts killing peoples systems? they better have actually done some QA for once....

PREDATOR: nice find, cheers for posting.

Wiitard3945d ago

I just got it on a new laptop yesterday. On first glance I do not think it is as bad as everyone is making it out to be. I am interested to see what the service pack adds to it. To each their own I guess.

mighty_douche3945d ago

i dont think one day is quite enough time to full examine an OS. but looks like you choose the right time to buy, which going in to detail vista has ALOTof little issue which can sometime cause BIG problems.
personally ill im looking for from SP1 is more stability in the OS, vista already has all the little features i need.

BrianC62343945d ago

It's not really that Vista is bad. It just doesn't do anything XP doesn't already do. Did you get the 32-bit version of Vista? I don't see changing operating systems if it doesn't really do much. If you stick with 32-bit Windows XP is fine. The main reason I wanted Vista was to move to 64-bit but that version still doesn't have good driver support. If you buy a new computer then Vista is fine. But don't waste time upgrading an old PC to Vista. And for companies with a lot of computers just stick with XP. I have to support a lot of computer users and we have enough problems. I'd hate to add Vista on top of all that.

Kleptic3945d ago

^^^^ agreed...

if you are a home user only...XP will pretty much do everything Vista does...Vista does have some easier to use media access (I much prefer the Vista start menu over XP and prior)...and finally they allow ID3 tag changes anywhere (meaning you can just do it under properties...rather than use a tag editor, or use WMP)...but that hardly justifies the price of Vista...there are some other networking things that are nice, like OS wide DLNA support (rather than just program specific in XP) for streaming stuff...better program blocking utilites (Start up, connection limits, program manager is better, etc.)...

but yeah...I was in charge of a company wide Vista upgrade last February at nightmare...some of the networking benefits Vista Business offered were worth it (far less network drops, and much easier bridging, print sharing, HDD sharing, etc.)...but the upgrade took several days to get working properly, mostly because of program incompatabilies that MS originally stated wouldn't exist...

gw4k3945d ago

Vista is nice. I like it. It works good if all you want to do is documents, editing and so on. Emails, surfing etc.

Now if you are a gamer, this is REALLY A BAD CHOICE!

You are going to lose about 50% of your systems abilities under vista! That is my guess, this is fact!

Vista is not a gaming operating system. XP rocks and over all is the best os. Next year, Microsoft is releasing SP3 for XP and it is supposed to be 20 - 30 % faster than it is now! Think of that.

I wish I stayed with XP instead of going to Vista. When I have the time to back everything up I may make the switch....or hell, I may turn this machine into a Hackintosh! Put Leopard on the damn thing. haha Ok, probably won't do that but I could.


Vista has some nice features but more than anything you are notice the looks and nothing else. You will certainly notice the speed difference.

The SP for Vista is supposed to speed up the os about 10%. It will be nothing close to original xp speeds.

Something to think about.

mighty_douche3945d ago

most people have reported around 8-12% difference between XP and Vista, im not sure where your pulling this 50% from? unless of course its your ass? link please.

drewdrakes3945d ago

haha thats funny. Have you ever heard of compatibility mode? Right click on your .exe file and check the box that says run in Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility mode and all should work fine. I have not encountered a single program that doesnt work. This includes games like Blender, 3DS Max 8, Photoshop,, and many many others. Please note that Max 8 was made years ago for XP, so according to most it shouldnt work, but it works perfectly, im not even running it in compatiblity mode.

BrianC62343945d ago

Maybe you should download a Linux build and play with that. Have you ever tried Linux? It's a lot of fun. At least if you like playing with computers. Installing software is still a mess though. It's way too complicated. That's one thing Windows does a lot better. If they could ever come up with a great software installer for Linux I think it could start hurting Microsoft. For now it's really nothing more than a toy for hobbyists.

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