CVG Give Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: 9/10

CVG writes:

"Unlike its title, Uncharted is on very familiar territory, mashing up the thrills, spills and old-fashioned derring do of Indiana Jones with a dash of Tomb Raider's acrobatic platforming and puzzles. If it was a movie, the poster quote would lazily describe it as 'a non-stop rollercoaster ride, adrenaline rush of a film', which is actually quite apt for a game that 'grabs you from the beginning and never lets go'. See, we can do crap poster quotes too. Get that on the back of the box please, Sony."

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predator3698d ago

another good review, planing on picking this up when i get my ps3, trying to decide to get it now or after crimbo.

felidae3698d ago

to everybody who hasn`t played Uncharted yet .. this is easily the best looking videogame of all times. no Gears, no Bioshock and no Heavenly Sword can match the visual quality Naughty Dog has achieved with Uncharted Drake`s Fortune.

i really laugh about people like TheMART who miss the best videogame of all time. have fun with your overhyped Halo 3 or (M)ass Effect ... lolol.


PimpHandHappy3698d ago


one word


one more word



Rice3698d ago

Good news for a great game

Multigamer3698d ago

not all reviews agree tho

PirateThom3698d ago

It's yet to have a review below 80%, as far as I'm aware, and most reviews are in the 90% region.

techie3698d ago

Actually since the average is 90% then yes they do agree.

shysun3698d ago

lol still hating? 90% gamer rankings

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The story is too old to be commented.