Killzone 2 Lighting: Right Decision By Guerilla?

The game, despite being poured with praise for its stunning visuals, still had its flaws. Although what has been shown to the public so far has been 'Pre Alpha' according to its developers, many have complained that the game looked "too dark". However, here is a screenshot which compares the exact same scene - in typical Killzone 2 fashion, in darkness, with what seems like the implementation of a technique to add considerable lighting to the scene. Yet it seems that with the addition of Post-processing filters, Guerilla have sacrificed the amount of light to achieve a higher depth in visuals, resulting in the first screenshot image.

Question is; which do you think actually looks better?

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Meus Renaissance3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

I actually think the screen looks more intriguing in the first one. There's a bit too much light, it loses its Killzone 2 feel. What do you guys think?

Violater3875d ago

I don't know what the "Killzone 2 feel" is

Bibto3875d ago

Actually, I think the first image is after the post processing filters are added. There was an interview with NGai Croal where the Guerilla team showed him how the post processing filters work.

Without the filters, the game looks more colorful and brightly lit, like it is in full daylight. Then they add post processing filters to deliberately make the game look darker and more menacing. They will also use this to add weather effects and different times of the day. I'll try to find the article.

Meus Renaissance3875d ago

I can believe that, I did say the first did look more interesting and had more depth, but, I still believe that it needs a bit more lighting in some of the scenes we've seen so far because some HDTV's show black colours very poorly.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3875d ago

Not to worry children. Every single screenshot of Killzone 2 has been PRE-PRE-OMEGA-BETA-PRE-PRE-PRE -PRE-ALPHA-CENTAURI-PRE-BETA-PR E-ALPHA.

Gamingisfornerds3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

He showed all the stuff the engine does and they actually toggled all the post processing effects on and off like you can see in the screenshots. I too think they need to add a bit more brightness, not too much, but a bit more atleast. It's too dark like it is now.

One thing I'm starting to fear though is that this game won't take place in daylight at all. I seriously hope that isn't the case!

Edit: You can watch/download that 25 min. video presentation here:

CrashSharc3875d ago

it doesn't have to be all colourful and shiny...

Personaly, I would pick the first one. The dark gloomy atmosphere is SO much more artistic, immersive, and exciting...

sonarus3875d ago

they are trying to convey a dark and gritty feel for a new hostile planet. it dosent have to be colorful. if you want color look elsewhere

richie007bond3875d ago

Hmmm yes the killzone 2 feel,lmao WTF is the killzone 2 feel(plonker)

TheXgamerLive3875d ago

It's always a sony fan. There's so such thing as Pre Alpha, unless you count sitting ohn the sh1ter and planning out your game from scratch, or would that be wipe?

k2d3875d ago

I call fake and troll-bait on this one. Is it even an ingame picture?
Please report fake on this.

Polluted3875d ago

@Xgamer: There is such a thing as pre-alpha. The game hadn't gone into the alpha testing phase at the time of the initial demonstration. How is that made up? Guerilla admitted that at the time of the showing.

deeznuts3875d ago

Hmm, Xgamer (random internet dude) who says no such thing as Pre-Alpha vs. Guerilla Games Developer who said their game was Pre-Alpha.

Hmmm ....

I'll think I'll go with Guerilla Games.

TheXgamerLive3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Alpha means the beginning, Pre means before, so before the beginning? That's when your only writting it, thinking about it while on the crapper, in other words, there is NO Pre Alpha.

These were in the Alpha stage, there's no Pre to it.

Oh yeah, a few of you even said Pre Pre Alpha stage, LOL!!

Polluted3874d ago

@Xgamer: being a rabid fanboy is one thing, I mean you must not have much else going on in your life right now so you focus on belittling people who chose to buy a different gaming console. I get that. Fill your boots. What bugs me is that you're trying to make fun of PS3 owners for using the term pre-alpha which is a generally accepted term in the software development community. I suppose I shouldn't let it get under my skin, but hey, I don't have much else going on at the moment either.

The "pre-alpha" definition is near the top.

dantesparda3874d ago

I know you must be feeling stupid/embarassed now. Then again you are nothing but a shameless little fanboy, so maybe not

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titntin3875d ago

I think they both look dreadful to be honest, and the lighting system will need a lot of work if this is representitive of what its currently doing.
As a games artist myself for over 15 years, I'm not too concerned as I have personally tweaked lighting in many games right up till the final submission, so they have plenty of time to get it right. Having recently been offered a contract to finish the environments on this particular title, I'm well aware that the assets for all the levels are not complete and so final lighting is probably some way off.

mighty_douche3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

i think "dreadful" is a little harsh.

also bear in mind these screen are over 6 months old. i saw these on a developer interview months ago. ill try find the link, its pretty interesting.

EDIT: for link please see "Gamingisfornerds " post a few above. (Gamingisfornerds cheers for saving me a job)

Kleptic3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

yeah we have only been shown one level...they have already confirmed that there will be levels that do not take place at night...during a thunderstorm (interestingly one without rain)...

I think the level they have shown shouldn't look any different in terms of gloom and darkness...the explosions lit stuff up perfectly...the flash of your own gun creating a real time shadow of you and your enemies is second to none (that dimly lit room that Sev runs into that has 2 helghast soldiers in it...all you see are their orange eyes...and then he literally "lights them up"...seriously, nothing touched that yet this generation)...

but I agree I hope there is a good variety between levels...the devs said that there wouldn't be bright tropical levels (a direct coffin nail towards the hapless that were eagerly bugging for a Crysis comparison)...that those types of environments did not exists on the planet...but that there would be overcast afternoons, as well as water plentiful well as that it would have real time weather changing conditions...

it is too early for anyone to sound trumpets yet...on either side...most are asuming the whole game will look like this one level...when we have already been told that we wouldn't...if you think this level is too dark, its probably safe to say its the darkest of the game...I think its great, but still hope for more variety overall...

not to mention that the demo did have an example of what the engine can do with bright lights...the first 20 seconds or so are all up above the clouds, with impressive volumetrics for the clouds and sun light reflections...its not like the lighting engine isn't capable of creating bright spots, which is sort of what this article is trying to imply...

fusionboxer3874d ago

Now the reason I say this is because the game mixes dynamic lighting with pre rendered. Some spots are already pre determined while other sections aren't. This level is dark to showcase a kind of "mist or fog" caused by the various weather conditions on helghan.

Also the darkness adds a sense of uneasiness and uncertainty about what will come out next. Certain parts in the level are bright and other parts aren't. Also if the stage was already light then you wouldn't get the awesome effect of the flash from the guns lighting up the now battle infested city.

Because in the darker image we're not seeing any fighting, fires, or other details that are bound to make it in. When you add the gunfire, the explosions, and the constant visual fireworks of an all out gunfight you get a remarkable scene showcasing a beauty that's hidden under a layer of something else and to me that's sometimes the best way to reveal beauty.

dhammalama3874d ago

Killzone 2 has pretty complex lighting. Hundreds of dynamic lights, ambient, occlusion, global illumination. From my understanding it's pretty advanced.

If you are judging from those pictures, than I understand if you mean the design or layout of the lighting in the scene needs work, but until you've seen the game in motion you can't really form a fair opinion.

I think that if there's anything these pics show, it's the versatility of the lighting techniques they are using. Well, that and the ridiculous amount of detail in that scene!!! Just think if the possibilities! An alien forest!? oh yeah.

We'll see, I hope it ends up as cool as it could be.

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Bibto3875d ago

Here we go:
Read paragraph 6 and 7. That seems to be exactly what these screenshots are showing.

Michael Jackson3875d ago

Thanks for the link. It's actually a really good read. :)

scrillakiller3875d ago

would u guys just shut up till we see more of the one knows what other levels look like so shut up and stop debating over alpha stage the way i have a feeling we will see some new stuff very soon.alot of stuff surfacing now

Rice3875d ago

The lighting in this game is great, the graphics are great, now it's all up to gameplay to finish it...