Q&A: Mechner Talks Prince Of Persia Movie, XBLA Remake

Prince Of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, who created the series in 1988 after earlier work on the seminal Karateka, is working on a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Disney movie version of the classic PoP franchise.

In this Q&A, Mechner, who owns the rights to Prince Of Persia and has licensed them to Ubisoft for the recent games, discusses the game-film transition, the movie's new director, and some intriguing plot details.

He also touches on the difference between writing for film and writing for games, and what he thought of Ubisoft's XBLA remake of the original PoP.

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MK_Red3825d ago

Another incredible story. I've been a big fan of Mechner's work from Princes to Last Express and knowing that the POP film is penned by him makes the wait for the movie even harder.