Arabian player got the fastest M.O.A.B in MW3 - within 46 seconds

Mr-memo9, an Arabian player broke the record of fastest M.O.A.B , he got it with in 46 seconds!

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spektical2286d ago

and this my friends is why mw3 sucks... same old same old.. camping, and poor spawn system.. you figure it would be fixed by now..

da_2pacalypse2286d ago

fixing would cost money... clearly that's money that they don't want to spend.

LackTrue4K2286d ago

i have not played COD since 2 came out, what gun is that!!! and it looks like hes playing golden eye, "WITH THEM ONE SHOT KILLS!!!"

StraightPath2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

to the people hating on mw3 try getting this moab in 46secs urself and post a video. Thats right u suck and ur gaming skills are poor and get owned on cod.

Yes the spawn system at the end was messed some fixes wud be necessary to make it fair. And also with guns such as these people in real life would die from couple of fatal shots. So dont knw why people complaining about the kill times real life pistol can finish u in few seconds..

spektical2286d ago

im mw2 i got a nuke within a minute.. how? gernade killed 7 people.. quickly got two more kills called my harrier and ac 130.. by the end i had accumulated 70+kills.. i didnt feel like accomplished anything or that i had "won"..

i remember getting nukes and not using them because the game would end.

BuffMordecai2286d ago

Lol. Fangirl defending shit game.

Ethereal2286d ago

Just goes to show the spawning need to be updated.

Majin-vegeta2286d ago

Poor spawns and op guns no surpirse there.

Oschino19072286d ago

Doeasnt help when the other teams sucks and keeps walking right into it either, but yes the spawns especially in domination are horrid. Doesn't help though when people play the mode specifically to exploit it and could really care less about capturing points, dome is just one of a handful of maps cheap ass domination players cream their pants over when it comes up to vote. Sad when people care more about KDR and stats over just playing a fair and fun game worrying about just getting the win and playing it the way it was intended to be played.

Avernus2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

After making millions upon millions of dollars, COD people still have to put up with this kind of stuff? Activision you should be ashamed of yourself...seriously.

Hicken2286d ago

That's freakin sad. But people eat this game up. Oh, well.

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The story is too old to be commented.