UGO: Trauma Center: New Blood review

Those screams you hear are pained cries from botched surgeries the world over. Not in real-life mind you; actual surgeons are well-trained and rarely screw up anything that's not a high-risk operation. Gamers, on the other hand, are a more sadistic bunch. They spend their time gunning down Covenant forces and deterring terrorist actions. And there's nothing worse for an OR than a surgeon with an itchy trigger finger who is used to "operating" (sure, pun intended) on instinct alone. That chorus of screams then is the learning process in action as gamers trade in guns for scalpels and laser beams in Atlus's latest operation simulation for the Nintendo Wii console, Trauma Center: New Blood.

UGO gives Trauma Center: New Blood an overall rating of B-.

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Wiitard3733d ago

on my gamefly list. Albeit buried so I probably won't play it for a while.