New Fallout 3 screenshot and Todd Howard speaks

Bethesda provided yet another set of scans to a magazine that listed Fallout 3 as one of the most anticipated games of 2008, this time it's PC Gamer.

The magazine also features an article in which Todd Howard explains his particular preference towards blending genres and how you can do anything with RPGs.

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Squeezle3875d ago

This game looks kickass, and I'm always happy to hear more about it. I kinda prefer the medieval setting of the Elder Scrolls, but this will undoubtedly be an awesome experience nonetheless. I trust Bethesda's mad RPG skillz.

Chubear3875d ago

I really can't argue with that comment. This games seems like it'll have a very strong depth quality to it. I'm just giddy with anticipation.

MK_Red3875d ago

TnS, you are bringing uber uber incredible news and stories today. Many many thanks. First DC2 and now Fallout 3 screen... AWESOME.

Great screen and interview.
"picking locks, laying mines, hacking computers, performing surgery, repairing items, ordering companions, finding radio stations, and more." OMGMOGMOGMSRDFERERTG :))))

DemiseAngel3875d ago

Cant' wait for it man. I hope it is as good as the previous games. And Yes I did like Fallout Tactics...

MK_Red3875d ago

2.Nice avy.
3.I also liked Tactics :) (Calculator was really cool idea IMO)

TnS3875d ago

Thanks. :)

It is nice to see that Fallout 3 is getting some attention and comments.

MK_Red3875d ago

Thanks. It's indeed nice to see a Fallout 3 story getting attention and comments, thanks to your awesome work and finds :)

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Black Rose3875d ago

great looking game, im looking forward to it

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The story is too old to be commented.