The Rock WWE '12 DLC Coming February 2nd

It was announced earlier in the year that The Rock will be released as DLC three months after WWE '12 was released. THQ has now confirmed an exact release date for it.

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punisher992320d ago

DLC after only 3 months after the game has been released?? Thats the very definition of price gouging right there. It better be free DLC because it should have been included in the game already in the first place.

STK0262320d ago

Anyone who bought the game at launch has the Rock DLC included. I bought mine one week after launch and the DLC was included as well.So technically, it is included with the game.

DasTier2313d ago

Really? your upset about 3 months? you know there was dlc avaliable to buy for this game the DAY it was released? Not just 3 months, 1 day.
That was HBK, JR, Cole, lawler, Edge & Christian.

punisher992313d ago

Nope I wasn't aware of that. I have no interest in that game. But this DLC thing this generation is way out of control. And if you must know, the thing I'm upset about is us gamers just continue to let them price gouge us like this.

rizzo-rizzo2320d ago

Wouldn't that be dated.. That'll be around the time THQ announces Raw vs Smackdown 2013

Ace_Man_62316d ago

you mean WWE '13? They've ditched, "SmackDown vs RAW"

MizTv2320d ago

if u get it new he comes with it.

MizTv2320d ago

if u get it new from gamestop he comes with it.

punisher992320d ago

I mean seriously, thats ridiculous. It shouldn't matter whether or not you pre ordered it. It should already be included in the game.

Relientk772320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

^ This

DLC is complete BS, and probably is the worst part of this generation

CoryHG2320d ago

This game is horrible anyways. Glad I rented, thought the Rock was included in the game, very very disappointed.