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IGN Pitches Uncharted 4

IGN - The Last of Us, The Last of Us, The Last of Us. Ever since Naughty Dog was revealed as the developer of the new PlayStation 3 fungus/zombie game, that's all anyone has wanted to talk about in PlayStation land. But with Naughty Dog split into two teams -- one that made Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and one that's working on The Last of Us -- it stands to reason that Evan Wells and Amy Hennig are gathered around a conference room table debating what Drake's next adventure should be. Rather than let them come up with it themselves, IGN polled its editors for a wishlist of ideas we'd love to see in Uncharted 4. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

nyobzoo  +   1197d ago
well following ND direction so far with each of their series, the next will be UnKarted Drakes Racing Adventures
chaldo  +   1197d ago
I actually want to see them go to china or america.
ginsunuva  +   1197d ago
No he's going to space. And he's fighting the CIA.
-Superman-  +   1197d ago
America? City again like all 3 last game? No way.
He should go to Africa and Dubai.
Think, Dubai, biggest hotel in world, you fight there, then helicopters tries to destory builtind, and you run to top... Rooftop fight...
HellzAssassin  +   1197d ago
As many times as people said that... It'd be so damn funny if that came true... Unfortunately; it won't.
FENDR  +   1197d ago
sadly they only go to places where they cant afford an awesome PS3
Wintersun616  +   1197d ago
They can't afford a PS3 in London, huh?
HeavenlySnipes  +   1197d ago
Probably going to be next gen. I think the full team will work on the Last of Us now that UC3 is done
motoko82  +   1197d ago
one thing i DON'T want ND to do with uncharted, is to listen to the "fans" and make it into another third person shooter, that is what ND needs to do, follow Steve Jobs advice, customers don't know what they want.

It is now that ND needs to be firm in their philosophy and not let annoying "hardcore gamers" dictate what they should do with the series.

All they need to do is keep expanding on what they do best, acting, animation, voiceacting, dialogue, writing, and the most beautiful engine in the business.

do not waste time pleasing COD retards
C_Menz  +   1197d ago
Agreed. The most enjoyable parts of Uncharted to me are the parts without the stupid waves of enemies or bullet sponge bosses.


I really enjoyed the flashback parts of Uncharted 3 that showed some of Drake's past as a young boy. Very well done on their part. The kamikaze ninja warriors with guns on the other hand was a big step back.
motoko82  +   1197d ago
the part under the effects of the drug were pretty amazing as well.
Relientk77  +   1197d ago
I wanna see Nathan Drake discover and/or save Atlantis, in the next Uncharted game
motoko82  +   1197d ago
the atlantis, could you be anymore original?

i want drake to explore the hidden treasure of the count of montecristo, people today still say that treasure is somewhere and that the author Dumas knew some clues of where to find it.
scrambles  +   1197d ago
yes cuz a game that clearly is just a rip from indiana jones, national treasure, and tomb raider put together could never considered unoriginal. its so safe everything done in the game has been tried and test a hundred times before so of course everyone will love it >.>
MrDead  +   1197d ago
If you want an Atlantis fix play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, still a fantastic game.
Laika  +   1196d ago
That could be cool, but I was kinda hoping that the next uncharted would get away from this "finding a lost city" formula. The last 2 uncharted 2 incorporated it well, but it felt like ND thought that they had to include one in U3.
WhiteLightning  +   1197d ago
I do not want to see Elena get pregant or have a child in this

Having a child would ruin Drakes and Elenas characters

Why do some of them keep saying something along the lines of

"Drakes adventures are over"
"His adventures came to a close in U3"


I think Sully buying the plane at the end implied there would be many more.
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TheBlackMask  +   1197d ago
I've already said something like this once today, I'll just post what I posted before here

"I hope in Uncharted 4 it focuses on Nathans and Elenas relationship, they've already done Nathans and Sullys....it would be nice to see things told in flashbacks of the couple like what they did after Drakes Fortune, why they broke up before Among theives, why they seperated after they got married, what the wedding was like, how did Drake propose, how does Elena know Charlie Cutter.....for example. I know Amy Henning said it's up to the players to make up their own stories of this unexplained things but it would be great in terms of character development

Besides have we ever had a game where the husband AND wife work together while fighting the villain. Usualy the wife/girlfriend is kidnapped or left in the background but Elena Fisher is such a strong character that it would be a great idea to go forward with"
colonel179  +   1197d ago
"I know Amy Henning said it's up to the players to make up their own stories of this unexplained things"

That's a lame and lazy excuse. You can have stories that are really detailed and immerses the reader/player/viewer more. Also, the unexplained things are incomplete and it is not something like for example, Inception where the ending is left to the viewer's interpretation.

What Naughty Dog did with Uncharted 3 story is leaving a lot of plot holes.

Other than that, the game was great, but they need to do a better story for Uncharted 4, one that feels complete and satisfying.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1197d ago
Hopefully they try to tackle the whole Atlantis situation. I thought that was what they would do for 3 but...
s45gr32  +   1197d ago
Knowing naughty dogs track record. Its the second game developer to move from one franchise to the next franchise. So the last of us is nd next franchise
Whit that in mind, will there be a next uncharted probably not. Now hopefully they make one more or not. Is all up to naughty dog
TheBlackMask  +   1197d ago
"will there be a next uncharted probably not"

Doubt it...Uncharted is the best franchise they've produced, they know for a fact people want another one may aswell keep them coming while people are still interested.

I feel that the Last of Us could be a one off game if they want. I mean the PS4 is fastly approuching they don't want to do another Uncharted game.....hell they might even do one Jak game so they can hold off doing Uncharted untill next Gen
MrDead  +   1197d ago
A volcano would be good, maybe with a Journey to the Centre of the Earth bit where he finds out Jules Verne really found something and it wasn't just a story.
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Ezio2048  +   1197d ago
whatever the story would be, i am certain it will be top notch! but i really want to see some innovation in the series.
SageHonor  +   1197d ago
IF I could, i'd get chloe pregnant in a heartbeat
Conzul  +   1197d ago
Uncharted 1-3 were awesome, but they all ended on a distinctly melancholy note. I'd kill for a fourth title to tie it up with a happy ending. GOD I want a happy ending, esp considering everything the trio has been through.
I'm old fashioned, I know. Happy endings aren't "in".
IRetrouk  +   1197d ago
as steven king said, its not the ending but the journey to the ending that is important.
i think the endings suited the games, but i understand what you are saying.
Conzul  +   1197d ago
NO BABIES THOUGH. I hate it when TV shows pull that stunt. It usually signals a decline in a series.

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