Rez HD Gameplay Footage

Game1 had just released 4 minutes of Gameplay Footage of the upcoming XBLA-Game Rez HD

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Zhuk3946d ago

This will be an amazing Xbox Live Arcade release on the Xbox 360 and another reason why Xbox Live trumps PSN

pkb793946d ago

Please enjoy your 5 year old PS2 game. I'll go download Warhawk for the cost of an Xbox live gold subscription and play 32 players online. Or maybe a 40 player Resistance:Fall of Man game on one of the new maps.

Ri0tSquad3945d ago

With its original games.......not. Like always Zhuk you fail.

crank3945d ago

I can upscale this game to 1080p with my hard copy on the ps2...... another reason why you are full of sh!t

Savior X3945d ago

Upscaled 1080p is not like native 1080p. I have REZ on the PS2 as well and let me tell you, the widescreen mode is crappy. This release will be awesome for anyone who didn't get to find this rare gem. And pkb79 you're such a tool. If you actually had XBL you wouldn't be talking the way you do. And why do i have a right to say this? I own a PS3 as well. Sorry but for a true gamer XBOX is still my top choice. If it weren't for me likeing blu ray i would get rid of my ps3 for another XBOX. SO fanboys... Shut The FFFF up!!!!!! And yes i have a Wii too!

Rhezin3945d ago

shut the F!ck up pbk. If this was on psn you'd be raving about it you pu$$y. Not everyone loves Warhawk and resistance, nor do they love framerate issues that come with MOST PS3 GAMES, not to mention the sh!tty ports you guys get because sony can't seem snag any exclusives.