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Submitted by ITLoo 1521d ago | review

The Married Gamers: Battlefield 3 Review

Welcome back to the battlefield. Join Kelly Brown, of The Married Gamers, as she reviews Battlefield 3. (Battlefield 3, Xbox 360) 7.5/10

specialguest  +   1520d ago
BF3 gets a 7.5, yet MW3 gets a perfect 10?!? You gotta be shitting me. Obvious COD bias.

Janitor  +   1520d ago
Or possibly, just maybe, their opinion of the two games might actually differ from yours. Crazy, I know.
specialguest  +   1520d ago
That's not possible.
Klaykid123  +   1520d ago
No. Call of Duty NEVER deserves a PERFECT score. Imbalances, old/blurry graphics. Same thing all the time.
jp0249107  +   1520d ago
even if they thought it was better it still doesn't need a 10

I think COD is shit but even if I gave it the benefit of the doubt it still deserves an 8 at most.
mistr   1520d ago | Spam

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