N4G November Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our November contest.

Contributors of the Month

1. The Round Peg     129305      $500
2. TnS                      128590      $300
3. Rowland                81875       $200
4. predator                 66160       $100
5. MK_Red                56270       $100
6. kingofps3               32410       $100
7. BIoodmask             31510       $100
8. jcgamer                  28160       $100
9. Catastrophe            27735       $100
10. MrSwede              21100       $100

All winners will be contacted through PM

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predator3879d ago

cool, i guess tho since im in the uk i wont get the $100?

Dusty3879d ago

You do not have to live in the US to get your prize.

predator3879d ago

oh right, cool cheers for clearing that up.

Vip3r3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Does tipping your own posts and then posting it rack up even more points? If it does, isn't that cheating?

Congrats to the others though.

predator3879d ago

no tiping ur own posts dont count, why who does that anyway?

mighty_douche3879d ago

90% of his posts are crap, at tipsed by himself....

i take it they dont take the QUALITY of the posts over QUANTITY....

predator3879d ago

i do, i like my tech stiff tho, check out the bt broadband i just found, its like a follow up on the virgin media post i submitted couple weeks back.

interesting read.

Zhuk3879d ago

congrats guys, wish they'd bring back forum prizes!

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The story is too old to be commented.