Assassin's Creed glitchy on PS3? reports no freezing on 360 reports:

"As can be seen in this video by YouTube user, themikepotter, the bug appears to cause Altair's animation to literally freeze – even if he's in the middle of the air or galloping along the ground. Mike isn't alone, either. This problem has resulted in plenty of PS3 owners whipping out their cameras and uploading the footage to sites like YouTube, but so far nothing from Xbox 360 gamers."

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Zhuk3877d ago

This only proves what i've been saying all along, the PS3s architecture is just extremely poor design for gaming applications. This is why Xbox 360s games look and play better, and do not crash unlike the PS3 where you continually get inferior gaming experiences thanks to Sony's disastrous design decisions which has cost them significant marketshare to the Xbox 360 and Wii this generation.

When will Sony learn?

titntin3877d ago

Trully pathetic post zhuk - exactly the kind of drivel we've all come to expect from you.

I have the game on my 360 and it freezes and glitches regularly. Poor code, is poor code, no matter the platform.

The only thing 'disasterous' in here is an intelect that continues to adhere to corporate loyalty and pursue a constant war on one system as if sony killed your kids. I like to think I'm pretty unbiased user of all consoles, but its attitudes like yours that make me despise xdrones - the only balance being that there are also some utter sony nerds clogging up this site with pathetic posts too. I wish you'd all go away and leave the site to real gamers - those that are interested in the actual games rather than manufacturing a political party.

HarryEtTubMan3877d ago

Shut up loser. Sony's gonna outsell Microsft again this generation EASILY . 9 more long years for you to be a little biotch. Your SO FREAKING WORRIIED about Sony makking a comeback(which in the next 9-10 years of it will. Mark my words.) you seem to forget the Xbox 3fixme is going to go in the Guisness World Recod Book as the most DEFECTIVE trash console ever created. So defective Microsoft hides it and won't even talk about it. So defective it will be dead in the next 2 years. Well, I guess it would have been in 2-3 years any ways hahahaha. Shut ur mouth Zhuk. The Xbox 360 will never be the Playstation 3. No matter how hard and much you wish in your little prr brain head.

Hugh Hefner3877d ago

Your Xbox must be dying. This game hasn't frozen on me or my buddies at all (360 version).

titntin3877d ago

Its not my machine mate - I've 100+ other 360 titles that play perfectly :)
Also , as I think someone has stated below, you can easily do a search on utube to see 360 issues if thats your thing, though having experienced them first hand, I' haven't actually looked!

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3877d ago

I'm surprised MK_Red hasn't showed up with a generic feelgood comment designed to please everybody and boost his bubbles

sonarus3877d ago

believe it or not 360 version has its own share of glitches like when you can fall thru the ground and unlock an achievment for killin 10 guys. go thru youtube its all there. the glitches may be worse on ps3 as they probably spent less time with it but def not due to tecnical constraints

leon763877d ago

I gonna say this for the n-time: I NEVER EXPERIENCED ANY FREEZING SCREEN AND ANY FRAMERATE ISSUE IN MY PS3 VERSION OF ASSASSIN'S CREED. For me this is ridiculous...this is the same over and over again, every day there is a new of freezing screens on PS3...Stop with this nonsense!!!!! I admit that there are issues with other guys, but that's not a problem of PS3, even there are reports that the same exists in the x360 ...maybe this guys have some sh*t in their hard drive that disturb the game or something else... if this was a problem specific of PS3, i would have that problems please...

gamesR4fun3877d ago

Ive played both and the 360 version is even glitchier.

e-ray3877d ago

My 360/AC combination froze a number of times. Usually after I exited and re-entered the Animus between missions, when I was talking to the leader. Names are beginning to escape me now, as it's been a couple weeks since I finished it.

Anyhow, it appears to be a cross-section on both platforms. Some people have freezing issues, some don't.

Snukadaman3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

no freezing on my 360 game as well.....I did see the video where altair climbed into the mountain and the guy got acheivments so there is some problems with the xbox version..allthough theres not problems enough too warrant a patch though is the key....I havent played it for awhile so they might of slipped in a patch...look at all these ps3 fans trying too deny that some people dont have problems on the xbox version...look here..its like the COD4 problems on ps3...there are some and no amount of trying too hide them on either side doesnt help people who dont own a ps3/xbox 360..your being selfish too not let anyone else know of problems.

shysun..not exactly...while there may be problems on the xbox...they are not as prevalent as they are on ps3. case in ubisoft dont even know how after the patch people still have problems with the ps3 version..

shysun3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

So what about the Copy cat glich on 360? does that mean the 360 is a POS also?

marionz3877d ago

why lie tintin, the game runs great on 360, post a vid of it freezing on your 360 if you can

titntin3877d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

@ marionz

Lie? Why on earth would I lie about a freeze on my game, on my games system?
Unlike the majority of the geeks on this site, I have all the systems and I am games player who gets his fun where ever I can. I'm also a games developer and I've made a living from this industry for over 15 years now, which probably explains my unhealthy compulsive interest in it.
I have never posted anything on this site that is not absolutely my true understanding, and would certainly not invent game freezing issues to score a trivial point in a flame war.
I play this title on my 360 - a machine that has given me much pleasure, and it has frozen on me twice, and glitched several times. A friend who also plays my machines has also had a freeze on this title while I was watching.
If you choose not to believe me, that is your perogative, but its pretty pathetic when someone chooses to blinker themselves to a fact, simply because it doesn't fit in with what they want.

Edit:- Having just scrolled further through these replies I see there are posts of the issue:

That first point of freezing seems to be in the exact same place as I got my first two freezes. The third was on top of a tower. At least here is visable proof I am not the only one with issues on this platform. :)

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solar3877d ago

its sad that this guy didnt research this claim and find that gamers, for example titntin above, are having the same problems. hell he even siad in his own article he expirenced some glitchy soldiers when saving a citizen, on his 360. shotty journalism.

Hugh Hefner3877d ago

The game is glitchy on both the 360 and PS3, but it does not freezes on the 360 as far as I'm concerned.

PimpHandHappy3877d ago

since that last firmware update

maybe im lucky and i dont play this game in long spurts. I pick it up and play for a hour or two. So maybe if i played it for longer periods maybe i would have it freeze again. It did freeze on me thou when i first played it

i really like this game and im not having these issues anymore. Not saying it wont happen again because it did happen b4

PimpHandHappy3877d ago

this is flamebait and its funny to see the 360camp say they dont have the same issues

BloodySinner3877d ago

They've been saying that for quite a while, actually.

marionz3877d ago

thats because i as a 360 owner havnt had any of those issues, should i lie and say i have just to keep sony fans happy?

mighty_douche3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

i know three 360 owners with this game, and ALL, yes ALL have had all sorts of issues....

but whatever, one random website says its true so it must be, time to sell those ps3's guys the war is over..... lol....

EDIT: looks like the phantom disagree-bot it back *dun dun*...

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