Xbox 360 HD DVD Player sales jump after price cut

PunchJump reports:

"Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 HD DVD Player jumped following a temporary price cut at on Tues.

Sales increased 489 percent on Wed. morning to rank as the No. 29 best-selling product in Amazon's Video Games division."

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Bill Gates3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Hurry XBOTS, buy it and help out your beloved SINKING SHIP....AAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

JokesOnYou3908d ago

it seems this news is getting under your skin, ahhh the hate=


mikeslemonade3908d ago

It's a desperation move for the desperate 360 fans. I won't be suprised if 10% bought it primarily because they're anti-bluray.

ericnellie3908d ago

Should we all think that Sony's desperate after multiple prices drops and the introduction of more SKUs with less functionality in less than a year...I'm just trying to find out what the hell you're talking about? Fanboyism really clouds peoples logic. I don't look at either company as being desperate but they all want a chance to increase their market share! The fact is, everyone wants to make as much money as possible while at the same time giving consumers good value for their dollar -- it's as simple as that. I honestly think lowering the price (especially since production costs have dropped dramatically) is a good think for both M$ and consumers. No Sh1t they're in competition with BR and I'm sure this price drop has something to do with that and the Holidays. My opinion for what it's worth -- I've got a PS3 so there is no way in hell I'm buying an HD DVD player...unless it's $10 or something insane like that;) I'm spending my money on games this holiday season...Uncharted and Mass Effect!!!

paul_war3908d ago

How good is the quality?

I was thinking of getting one but then read this review...

In the 'What hi-fi? Sound and Vision' gave it 2/5 "Great games machine but it is not a jack of all trades"

ThaGeNeCySt3908d ago

I'm not much of a videophile but... my older brother has the HD-DVD add on and the PQ on King Kong is EXCELLENT... he has a 52" Sharp Aquos 1080p set and it looks gorgeous

Mu5afir3908d ago

Yet, I am pretty sure the HD-DVD for the Xbox 360 addon doesn't play content at native 1080p.

ThaGeNeCySt3908d ago

Probably not, I have noticed that my brother's TV does say "1080i" when watching King Kong though.. I thought that was due 2 him using component cables rather than HDMI or VGA.

titntin3908d ago

Yes its limited to 1080i, which is a big shame. If you've got a decent set (and I have), then 1080P is miles better.

I Call 9MM3907d ago

It is only limited to 1080i when you are using component cables. If you are using VGA or the HDMI in the newer models to connect to your TV, you need not worry about getting 1080p content to display (and if you own an older 360 with no HDMI, VGA is the way to go, depending on your TV). VGA/HDMI also let you upconvert DVD titles as well, maybe even streamed movies as well (not sure on the last one)? The only downside is that you cannot output the lossless audio codecs from you HD-DVD movies to your surround systems. The system will convert it down to something else it can output on the fly though. But, if you do have a surround system that accepts those lossless codecs, chances are you've already sprang for a more high end player anyway.

deeznuts3907d ago

The quality on the Add-on .. Sucks!

0 out of 100 on HQV (if you don't know what that is, look it up). PS3 scores 88 out of 100 on the BD side. Couple this with no HD audio, and you're better off with a Toshiba HD-A2/3.

Oh, and the DVD player on the 360 sucks as well apparently after the Fall Update. Disagree, take my bubbles away, I don't care, you're getting lied to if you think it's great.

titntin3907d ago

Sorry mate, you might be right. My 360 is an original (albeit repaired twice), and I use the HD cables supplied with the system. It may well be different if you have a hdmi machine, or purchase a vga connection.

All I know is I was not impressed with the quality and the professional reviews I've read have reinforced that view.... but 1080P would be at least an improvement.

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Shadow Flare3908d ago

Saying the sales of HD-DVD add-ons has risen is like saying i got my xbox 360 back from the repair center today. It doesn't matter because there both gonna die within a year anyway

DrRage773908d ago

ah shadowflare, we can always count on you to put on your fanboy goggles, and post one stupid useless comment after another....thanks for not letting us down!

Shadow Flare3907d ago

It was rather stupid of me to say an xbox 360 would last a year. It's often a bit of a race, what's gonna die on you first, your console or the batteries in your controller? But not to worry if HD-DVD tanks, apparently by the 360 camps standerds, dvd is good enough for them. But they would say that because they're used to old, crap technology

Zhuk3908d ago

at this price I would seriously consider HD DVD, if I lived in the US. However as I live in Australia, where HD DVD ignores us while Blu-Ray doesn't, there really is no point right now to get one

gamesblow3908d ago

Man, that add on looks offensive...

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