BT's four-fold broadband boost

You could soon be in for faster broadband speeds as BT Wholesale is to begin selling a broadband-boosting software application to ISPs.

The Sharedband software suite uses multiple lines to improve the performance of broadband connections in the UK. The lines can be added together to boost broadband speeds by up to four times the current speed for uploads and downloads.

"Using Sharedband means that two 2Mbps lines will perform as one connection of up to 4Mbps, four 2Mbps lines will deliver up to 8Mbps and so on," Paul Evans, Sharedband's chief executive, told ZDnet.

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predator3908d ago

is this bt's response to the virgin 50meg download speeds, we need our lines upgraded to ADSL2 first.

Multigamer3908d ago

better than nothing i suppose

Wytche3908d ago

The real problem lies in the fact that BT or the ISP would undoubtedly end up charging us more for it.

If Virgin were to move into our area I'd instantly take it purely for their broadband speed.

Mu5afir3908d ago

The U.S. probably has slower internet connection then most third world countries, yet we pay more then any other country for internet service. I wish we could finally get upgraded to the level of the Europeans or the Japanese.

kydrice3908d ago

I believe the Koreans are the world leaders in High Speed Broadband.

anh_duong3908d ago

yeah great.. two phone lines to pay. this must be a dream come true for bt management..

how about bt invest more in the uk broadband infrastructure - maybe it just too radical and common sense. studies have shown that the uk broadband network adminsitered by bt is falling behind other developed nations.