BioShock: A defence - Would you kindly quit your whining?

A backlash was inevitable.

BioShock is amongst the most critically acclaimed games of the year. In terms of Metacritic average, its only peers are Super Mario Galaxy and Halo 3. You'll note, bar minor sniping, their status hasn't been questioned anywhere near as much as the adventures of a man with a wrench in Rapture's. This, also, is inevitable. They're known qualities. Everyone, to a lesser or greater degree, has made up their minds already. If you can't choke down the saccharine standard Mario world or aren't convinced that Halo's combat mechanics are anywhere near as elegant as its devotees make them out, you're highly unlikely to play them. There's much to hate in both games, but their fans simply don't care and those who aren't fans will never throw away forty quid for something that isn't to their taste.

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Gamingisfornerds3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I think a Bioshock 2 will be a bad idea. I think the succes of Bioshock has partly to do with it's unique concept and setting. A few years from now it won't have the same impact as it has now, no matter how solid the gameplay is.

I think the team (or Levine and another team) has to focus on a completely new project and leave Bioshock fo what it is. I can't even imagine the team not wanting to work on something completely new and fresh, really.

titntin3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

What a good and well written article this is. I guess it helps that enjoyed the game and can therfore see it from his perspective, but its more than that.

There are so many wannabe writers calling themselves games journalists and yet failing to be able to write with any passion or knowledge or intellignece, that its genuinely pleasing to read an article thats well written and intelligent on a subject I actually care about.
Bravo! More please :)

G_CodeMonkey3790d ago

I agree--doing a sequel is a huge risk (not the wallets, as it would sell tons). If its not done well (very hard to do a worthwhile sequel), it may tarnish everyone's overall feel for the original--better to go out on top. Personally, I'd love to see a sequel, but cringe at what it could be. IMO, Bioshock was a fantastic game, one I kept playing and hunting around corners and under stairs/waterways just to see what was there. I would just follow the Big Daddy/LS around to hear the interactions. For me, that's huge, as a lot of times its just "keep plugging away to get to the end." I thought the story was great (never played SS2) and the nuances (plasmids, Big Daddy/Little Sister relationship) were great. Bravo, and it gets my vote for Game of the Year. gCM

MK_Red3790d ago

Incredible find and article. BioShock indeed needed such defence. Halo had MC fans defending it to death as Mario had Nintendo fans defending it.
Kudos to Eurogamer.

tony3790d ago

very fair article. i haven't play system shock and i'm glad i didn't, i played the one game i need it to play. Bioshock.

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