Edge Preview: Too Human

Edge writes:

"Silicon Knights' console answer to Diablo finally shows it's a man.

After a famously disastrous showing at E3 in 2006 and the extensive fallout from founder Denis Dyack's unfavorable reaction to the media coverage, Silicon Knights hasn't been particularly eager to show off the progress it has been making on Too Human.

The developer recently chose to show the first new playable code to journalists in the controlled environment of its offices in St Catharines, Canada, and though not without its flaws, the project appears to be finally shaping up into something that could match the initial hype."

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predator3907d ago

i was beginning to forget about this game.

MyNutsYourChin3907d ago

This game (trilogy) will be why I purchase an XBOX 360...

FirstknighT3907d ago

From the recent previews, it looks like Too Human has gotten back on track. Before the e3 demo, journalists were calling this game an epic like no other. Looking good for the 360 in 2008. :)

predator3907d ago

well lets just hope it delivers.

ry-guy3907d ago

I'm looking more and more forward to this game.

The more I read about it the more it has seemed to have matured before our very eyes.

I think the developers have kept and ear to the ground and incorporate and make the nessecary changes before release. Probably the reason they haven't shown the multiplayer is they want to hear what people are looking for.

Multigamer3907d ago

cool some more info, lets hope its as good as we hope

Gamingisfornerds3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

The combat is it's weakest link. The combat just looks very awkward, hit detection is way off, animations are almost comical and it's just overal lacking any sense of impact.

Perhaps if I actually play it myself It'll be fun, but just looking at the combat is like watching an elderly couple trying to breakdance. :P

What I'm hoping to see in Too Human is plentiful beautiful, epic, and especially DIVERSE environments. And I hope there will be at least a couple of these 'space hubs'. You know, like the Citadel in ME with NPC's wandering around, shops to buy upgrades, do some mini-games, find some sidequest missions etc. This is where ME disappoints and I hope Too Human really delivers on that aspect.

The story seems very interesting and the graphics are sometimes a bit meh, but overall actually quite nice looking. To me, with this game, it really comes down to the exploration/loot/upgrading mechanics. If they nail those, I'll be very pleased.

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The story is too old to be commented.