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GodHandDee2320d ago

that wasn't too bad actually, definitely better than I expected

inveni02320d ago

It's a shame. This game had a lot of potential.

jony_dols2319d ago

Reminds me of Silent Hill, with the fixed camera angles & player movement, hell even the in-game map is similar!

NukaCola2319d ago

The original trailer way back in the day looked like an FPS in view but a mirrors edge style curvival game...This change was quite unexpected but looks still interesting. Downloaded titles tend to take bigger risks which I think will really help add to the originality of the game. Has a Silent Hill meets Siren meets Enslaved in the some of the technical aspects.

lelo2play2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Are you kidding ?
Looks horrible ! I've seen ps2 games that look better then this.

GodHandDee2320d ago

well I wasn't referring to graphics (guessing that's what you are referring to). The gameplay actually looks pretty intriguing

Foliage2320d ago

Although Nintendo fans will cry and cry about it, the graphics of a game goes a long way to perceiving what quality standards the gameplay will live up to. If a studio is not willing to invest in graphics, it is rarely the only thing they didn't invest in. Ubi may be an exception, but outside of their Canadian branches; they really aren't.

zero_cool2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Well it's not all about the graphics it's also about gameplay,story narrative & characters plots which seems to be the developer's main focus here!

P.S..The graphics are still look passable & if it's priced right & the rest of the game is solid i'll still play it none the less!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

Mr_cheese2320d ago

I agree the game does look interesting, the graphics aren't nothing to get excited about though, especially coming off "The Last Of Us". Which makes me wonder whether they released this to gain some of the current post apocalyptic hype. Nothing bad about it, good marketing actually, but just curious.

Bundi2319d ago

Oh yeah, has nothing to do with the fact that the game has been coming for a while. I guess everything in the gaming world hinges on what sony and Naughty Dog do. Talk about delusions of grandeur

bobrea2319d ago


Wow dude, a little defensive are we? Mr_cheese's suggestion wasn't even that ridiculous, so why don't you try to chill out a bit?

turgore2319d ago

The game is downloadable. It is one of the better looking DL games.

Mr_cheese2319d ago


Slightly over the top with your outburst to be honest. All I was suggesting is that they used the current industry buzz surrounding the post apocalyptic world due to 'the last of us' to give their game some extra exposure. And yet you assume i'm writing everything as if Sony and ND give the nod to everybody in the industry. chill and have a conversation not an explosion of words.

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Pl4sm42320d ago

cool but ..... it looks like a ps2 game or something

FACTUAL evidence2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

wow, this looks like it could of been a launch 360 title. It just took to long to not impress TBH. I also can tell this game will be repetitive with the whole, "climb high for fresh air" approach they're trying to use. Bargain bin, or just a straight pass IMHO.

StraightPath2319d ago

this looks like a interesting downloadable title. Some nice survival elements. Surpised better then i expected it to be.

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core_52320d ago

looks like a ps2 game ...

Berserk2320d ago

I still am getting it day one :) Obviously not because of the graphics but because of the gameplay and the atmosphere

acemonkey2320d ago

ps2 games had great graphics like black

Brownghost2320d ago

you sound like graphics make the game

acemonkey2320d ago

not really just saying that.....ps2 had games with good graphics and black was an good game....but then again i havent played that game in years but are a part of a game and people rate and review games on so...yes graphics has something to do with the game....

Tr10wn2320d ago

This winter? when????

Who2320d ago

Such high hopes for this one ....

oh well, I have The Last Of Us to look forward to.

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