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3DS Sales Boost: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Trouble For PlayStation Vita

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Former wrestling organization WCW (god rest its NWO tainted soul) attempted to revive Ultimate Warrior's career in 1998, resulting in one of the worst matches of all time, a loss to "Hollywood" Hogan at the year's Halloween Havoc pay-per-view.

Before that, Warrior confronted Hogan in the ring, and the terrified look on the Hulkster's face was priceless, resulting in one of the better things to come out of his mouth.

"I thought you were dead!" (3DS, Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter 3G, PS Vita, Super Mario 3D Land)

gamer234  +   1039d ago
gaming journalism at its best
mikeslemonade  +   1038d ago
It's like how much can they drop the 3DS price anymore? I saw it was for $120. Nintendo can't compete if they're dropping price this early.
Buff1044  +   1038d ago
Apologies your Barbara Walters sit down with Hideo Kojima is in the mail.
miyamoto  +   1038d ago
I can smell your trolling from miles away with that kind of title.
I just stopped right there.
Its irresponsible bloggers like you who are responsible for creating fan boys, haters & trolls in unsuspecting victims.
I bet you are so happy proud of fanning the flaming flames while waiting for the clicks to pile up, don't cha?
Now what a great accomplishment that is fer ya, right?

You are the big bane of video gaming because gaming is better off without the likes of you.

You really need a lot of psychological help & do yourself a favor - get to Arkham Assylum ASAP.

Leave now and never come back!
ozstar  +   1038d ago
I enjoyed reading that.

Buffs comment, not axelstone's bawfest.
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GirlyGamer  +   1039d ago
It's not even out to the world yet. Be patient and wait for a day before you continue spreading doom and gloom. Heck wait 2 months so you can try to back it up with figures.
Whatever I don't care if the Vita does not sell more than the 3DS. I just want it to sell enough for it to keep getting support for games.
Haunter_  +   1038d ago
Looks at title..
Sees website name..
Story Quality = WTF..
Like this website = No..
Moves on without reading biased crap.
DasTier  +   1038d ago
BROTHER! The name of this website BROTHER! Is similar to my gamertag! BROTHER!
ChocolateGiddyUp  +   1038d ago
Disco Inferno and Alex Wright are perplexed by this random WCW reference, but that won't stop them from dancing...

Related video
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klecser  +   1038d ago
I do the same thing thing when I find a Sony site. ;)
tiffac008  +   1038d ago
Isn't it funny that now the 3DS is selling like hotcakes (eat that so-called analyst) almost everyone has stopped bashing the 3DS and has now focused on the PS Vita which isn't even out yet.
Haunter_  +   1038d ago
Chris Buffa has always bashed the Vita. It's out in less than 24 hours in Japan, so he and that pathetic excuse for a website will go crazy with hate articles today and tomorrow. They'll go quiet for a while after the Japanese launch and when it gets close to February 22nd, they'll go berserk with the hate again.
Modojo = Lame Fanboy Bitches.
klecser  +   1038d ago
Sony haters did the exact same thing to us over the last six months. It would be great if instead of a "Sony" crowd and a "Nintendo" crowd we had a "United for Handhelds" crowd, but Sony fans spent that time laughing at us the last six months. You reap what you sow.
Studio-YaMi  +   1038d ago
Well that's gaming journalists for ya

if it's a boring "3DS is now successful & so will the PSV - here is why" title then no fanboy would give a damn,and those websites needs hits,you know ?
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JoySticksFTW  +   1038d ago
lol @ Chris Buffa, fail journalist
I remember this guy lying about playing through MGS4 before writing his review.

He said that weird commercials played between each act of the game, when it only happened at the very beginning of the game.

And then said that Octocam was dumb because it doesn't cover Snake's head. Everyone who played the game knows Snake gets the Octocam headpiece right after the Act 1 boss fight and can use it for the rest of the Acts (2-5).

Credibility smashed to bits.

Hey Buffa... if you gonna lie about games, pick an unknown like Cosmic Race or something.

Don't pick a gears or uncharted that you know millions will play and call you out on. LOL!!

Though I'd prefer honest reviewers to play through the whole game first, I understand that is not always possible.

But really Chris, play past the first hour or two at least.

Inception  +   1038d ago
A little corection about octomask / octocam. You mean, after Snake beaten Laughing octopus in the middle of Act 2, than Snake got the octomask. Cause Act 1 doesn't have a boss (Liquid got away and Akiba's helping Snake when his nanomachine mess-up by Liquid).

For the rest, i 100% agree that chris and modojo are crap :D
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raytraceme  +   1038d ago
I really think there is a conspiracy regarding the vita. Everyday I see bashing of the vita. So here is what I think; There is a huge demand for the vita, but there probably won't be enough to fulfill demands. So here are the so called "haters" making these articles so that demand lessens so maybe they might be able to buy a vita? Or there is just a lot of hate for Sony which I don't get at all.
DiRtY  +   1038d ago
Please tell me that my sarcasm detector is broken - otherwise:

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raytraceme  +   1038d ago
oops i did forget /s :P
GribbleGrunger  +   1038d ago
soooo... they're bashing the Vita so that they'll be some left for them? LOLOLOL.............. *falls off stool*
r21  +   1038d ago
wasnt there an article recently on n4g saying that ps vita was sold out due to preorders?
Marceles  +   1038d ago
Damn...journalists really have it in for Sony huh? A bunch of Skip Bayless gaming journalists out there grasping for straws
Game3s  +   1038d ago
No the 3DS was in the same position so don't think is just sony.
tiffac008  +   1038d ago
Well they can't attack the 3DS now because its making all those so-called analyst eat their words. (You can hear the sound of Mario collecting all those coins in the background now. lol!)

So they are attacking the next best thing, the PSV. Nothing would please all these detractors than to see the end to the dedicated handheld gaming market.


It looks like Sony knows what they want to do with Vita, so I wouldn't worry much.
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Marceles  +   1038d ago
I'm not just thinking it's Sony, the original DS was a tough act to follow. The only games that people really bought at launch for the 3DS were Super Street Fighter and Professor Layton. That gave journalists enough fuel for "I told you so" articles. But now they can't say anything.
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Dojan123  +   1038d ago
I just want support/games post release. I fell Sony did a bad job supporting Move which I got day 1. I hope it is not the same with Vita.
frelyler  +   1038d ago
Or we could let the Vita actually you know, be available for purchase before we make statements which have no solid basis.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1038d ago
Agreed. "Doom & gloom" articles have really become the bastion of bad journalism nowadays.
stragomccloud  +   1038d ago
Vita isn't even out yet!!!! Geez!

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