Wii repairing brain damage

UK brain-injury charity Headway believes patients playing Wii are recovering more quickly.

It bought the console originally for younger patients, but has been surprised by its popularity among the older crowd and the effect it has had.

"Brain-injury victims have trouble with all sorts of things, such as hand-eye coordination, concentration and attention span. The Wii seems to improve all of them," suit Jean Robinson told The Sun newspaper.

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Multigamer3879d ago

whatever helps is always good

Multigamer3879d ago

going by his comment on hand eye coordination then yes it would help these patients. nice 1

predator3879d ago

glad something is helping these patients

predator3879d ago

i wonder what game they were playing

Killjoy30003879d ago

lol so you have a theraputic device to help ppl in need of the extra umph it takes to get back on their can we please have a REAL gaming device? no offense nintendo fans but your system isnt exactly for real gamers. its more for adults who know nothing about gaming to get a wow out of waving their arms at a tv. nintendo better do something quick because so far im not impressed.

Night4ll3879d ago

This guy isn't impressed... Nintendo y aren't u doing anything about this. We can't have this guy not be impressed. Oh wait what was that Nintendo?... you don't care about this looser... oh ok then my bad... carry on.

ItsDubC3879d ago

I think Sony and MS would gladly be in Nintendo's shoes if it meant unimpressing a few ppl.

Apparently ppl who don't like the Wii either say its for kids or its for adults. Wow, maybe the Wii actually is for everyone as sales would indicate?


Wiitard3878d ago

Us "real" gamers, the ones who have been doing it for 25+ years aren't even close to worried what everyone else thinks. I would give you my gaming credentials so you can see my uber cool "real" gamer status, but I tend to laugh at people who call themselves "real" gamers because all I can picture is the guy from the WoW South Park episode. STFU and GBTW.

And for the actual story. Good. I don't care who makes it if it helps people recover from injuries faster. I have a friend who used his Wii as a fun way to do some of his physical therapy after a shoulder surgery. You aren't going to get that playing Mass Effect or Uncharted.

BrotherNick3877d ago

I play a crapload of games and I'm not this anal :\ I think it depends if a person is open to new things.

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