Devil May Cry 4 images from Famitsu

Famitsu this week had their usual 2 pages about Devil May Cry 4, with a very romantic Dante in action.

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gamesblow3822d ago

What's sad...Lair offered up an incredible game experience. a new one. And it bombed... This pile of trite, mediocre, hack n' slash been there and done it to death 3 times over will go on to sell 5 million units across 360 and ps3.

What a piece a' damn joke!

From now on I will refuse to buy anything that isn't new IP, unless a 1st party IP that is already established. simple as that. No more 3rd party sequle support. I'm done!

predator3822d ago

so you not getting mgs4 i take it then or gt 5 or gta 4

gamesblow3822d ago

Hell no I'm not getting MGS4, I've been vocal about that from the get go. More so on GTA4. I won't be getting either of them. GT5, however, is polyophony digital, which... = Sony. So, I might get that one... even though I'm not a huge fan of it. I do prefer Ridge Racer in this instance and will always adopt the new ridger Racer games every time they drop. And I will make exceptions. Tekken games... love those. They're my favorite fighting games.

But as far as DMC, MGS4, GTA4, RE5... stuff like that. Silent Hill 5... No. I'm not buying any of it. They better be vastly different and offer up something new for me. That's all I gotta say.

predator3822d ago

you wont be playing much next year then, including street fighetr 4.

BloodySinner3822d ago

It's his loss, Predator. Who cares?

Mainman3822d ago


You got a PS3? And you are not gonna get MGS4?
That's crazy, that is just crazy.

mighty_douche3822d ago

people have different tastes, its not right to judge someone purely because they want a different game to you. its all opinion.

still think your a bit mental to not pick up MGS tho dude.

kiko893822d ago

it good but not however i will get dmc4

SabreMan3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

i understand what your saying mate and to an extent agree that companies should make more new ip software but sequels or even prequels are inevitable and are not a bad thing.
actually making a game with a new ip must be incredibly hard these days as every genre has been done to death
I personally can't wait for DMC4,MGS4,GT5,RE5,FF13 etc etc as they are proven superb franchises, i only hope we some day see another Legasy of Kain game as i love the franchise.

we all have different tastes

i don't see Lair as a new gaming experience tho it was a cross between Rogue Squadron and Panzer Dragoon without the analogue sticks
it was however pretty good and no where near as bad as some claim it to be

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mighty_douche3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

i need to wait for the demo... i dont just want the previous DMC's in HD. its gonna have to bring more to the table if it wants my hard earned cash.

EDIT: lol... a disagree?? someone obviously knows ME better than i know MYSELF.... you kids crack me up.

picker3323822d ago

What a hell are you playing then?!fps games only?
like predator said you wont be playing much next year then!

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The story is too old to be commented.