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Uncharted: Golden Abyss Campaign To Last Longer Than Uncharted 3's

NowGamer: PS Vita Uncharted title to have a longer campaign than PS3 game. (PS Vita, PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Uncharted: Golden Abyss)

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fluffydelusions  +   1391d ago
That is good news. I just hope GA is up to ND standards.
Trainz   1391d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MariaHelFutura  +   1391d ago
It's hilarious when people use their only bubble to troll...
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1391d ago
okay people wtf! Keep this spoiler free
NAGNEWS  +   1391d ago
doesn't matter
if your a good or a bad guy you get disagrees anyway - its in N4G's nature
sikbeta  +   1391d ago
lol who cares about agrees/disagrees, it only counts when you say something funny :P


And another reason to buy this awesome portable system on Day One!!!
E2M  +   1391d ago
its a shame uc3 was shorter than uc2, hopefully this game will keep up standards
beavis4play  +   1391d ago
i was let down by the last third of UC3 story too. SPOILER!!!!!!!!!! i mean, having the big reveal at the end be tainted water was kind of lame.
beavis4play   1391d ago | Bad language | show
rezzah  +   1391d ago

lol you didn't even play the game did you? If you did then you surely didn't even finish it?

That would be a shame since you were so close to the reveal of what is IN THE WATER, and not the water it self.

If it was released...there would be no stopping it. This is why it never was let out.
Eamon  +   1391d ago
You guys care about Uncharted story?

I like Uncharted series for its gameplay, action thrill and set pieces.

Uncharted's never had a great story in the first place. If you want great stories, then play games like Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy.
KUV1977  +   1391d ago
The story of Metal Gear is so overrated. Just because it is complex and has a bazillion twists doesn't make the story good, let alone the storytelling, which reminded me of boring powerpoint presentations from time to time.

The Uncharted overall story-arc is pretty good. I will admit that the second part had smaller logical problems and the third even more so, but overall this franchise is very solid. It has some of the best characters that easily carry the audience over smaller story-hiccups...

But of course that is also just my opinion.
Kratos_GodOfWar  +   1391d ago
Eamon just said if you want great story play Final Fantasy sure he only play the hype games like ff 13 which was a boring terrible game I rather play uc3 10times then play any ff games yuck lol
Eamon  +   1390d ago
blessda1, with just a few more grains of intelligence you would have identified the character in my avatar as Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. I was referring to older Final Fantasy games not the trash known as FF13.
360ICE   1391d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
miyamoto  +   1391d ago
extermin8or  +   1390d ago
@Ares actually I think it was shorter because they gave the release date over a year from release and then HAD to stick to that lol still it was a brilliant game :p
StraightPath  +   1390d ago
story was forgettable in UC3 not as good as UC2.
TrevorPhillips  +   1391d ago
I cannot wait for PS Vita and this game, a long with other great titles of course! :)
Fylus  +   1391d ago
Same here! I was never interested in the PSP just because I've never been much into handheld gaming, but the PSV has me very interested. I'm especially loving the graphical capabilities. The PSV will be the first handheld gaming device I'll have ever bought in my life.
sikbeta  +   1391d ago
Me too, that thing is just so good, it's packed with so much stuff on it, makes my PS3 jelly :P I want to know if that Toro Mini game will be available outside of Japan, Toro and Kuro FTW!
ironfist92  +   1391d ago
Will this get a PS3 release also? Or is it exclusive just for PSV?

Or, even better, will it come with cross-compatibility?
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Rival_31  +   1391d ago
I believe it will only release on the Vita.
CloseSecond  +   1391d ago
You might want to wait and see. There were many supposed exclusives on PSP that made their way to the PS3.

GA may just be a timed exclusive on the PSV.
fluffydelusions  +   1391d ago
PSV only afaik.
CynicalVision  +   1391d ago
I can see the game getting a PS3 port release in the far future but for now it's a Vita exclusive.
beavis4play  +   1391d ago
hope so - i'd like to play it and i'm not getting a vita.
ironfist92  +   1391d ago

double post
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fastrez  +   1391d ago
Good value. We could be seeing a shift in the way handhelds deliver quality. Now, if only the prices matches iTunes, we'd be sorted.
DeeZee  +   1391d ago
If this were an Appstore game for $4.99 it wouldn't be this long. If it was, it wouldn't have the same graphics and production values.
Frankfurt  +   1391d ago
Haven't played many iPhone RPGs or MMORPGs, have you?
DeeZee  +   1391d ago
@Frankfurt umm, some folks would label me an Apple fanboy, I've owned every iPhone and iPad. So yeah, I've played many iOS RPGs and MMOs. They have longer campaigns sometimes, but none of them have the production values of this game.
Cosmo811  +   1391d ago
You can have cheap bad-to-average games, or more highly priced excellent games. One or the other.
Fylus  +   1391d ago
Then explain why Battlefield 3 shares the same price as Modern Warfare 3.

Yearly game releases should not be worth full retail price.
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Cosmo811  +   1391d ago
@Fylus this assumes that the price is a reflection of the amount of time spent developing it, which is false.
ExpectTheUnexpected  +   1391d ago
I don't care about multiplayer in Uncharted, just give me a good 10-12 hour story and I'll be happy :)
GraveLord  +   1391d ago
How long did you guys take to beat Uncharted 3?
I think about 10 hours.
fastrez  +   1391d ago
gatormatt80  +   1391d ago
It was abt 12ish hours for me on my first playthrough... I like to take my time, enjoy the visuals and explore everything in the UC games
badz149  +   1391d ago
mine was 12 hours on the dot.
The campaign felt longer than UC2 but I clocked 15 hours on UC2 1st playthrough. Then I realized it's actually shorter :-(
CynicalVision  +   1391d ago
About 12 for me.
LarVanian  +   1391d ago
8 hours and 10 minutes on my first play-through.
rezzah  +   1391d ago
Same, I beat it out quicker in crushing mode since I knew what to do.
DeeZee  +   1391d ago
8 hours and 20 odd minutes. It was the shortest in the series in my opinion. Or maybe after two games I'm just a lot better. Still I can't wait for this.
dc1  +   1391d ago
About 9 hours. By far the easiest 'crushing' mode of the three...
******spoilers below*******:
although the fire demon battles drove me nuts!!!
rezzah  +   1391d ago

the part with the 3 water fountains was the hardest and most hectic.
dc1  +   1391d ago
Thats what I'm talking about.... it kicked my butt big time.
Oh and my first play through was roughly aboout 12H and 30M.
DigitalRaptor  +   1391d ago
Just over 10 hours on Normal.
cloud495  +   1391d ago
7 hours and 50 minutes on hard.
TheDivine  +   1391d ago
Beat it in under 7 hours (it tells you your stats). Game was way short i was dissapointed. The others prob took me 10-12. Hope this is at least 12 hours especially if theres no co-op and multiplayer. I know it will be great sony bend is the best handheld developer hands down.

I would love uncharted mp on the go kind of puzzles me why they didnt add it. Kz nd resistance will fix that but i need a good tps. Hopefully the zipper game has mp i know it has co-op.
cpayne93  +   1391d ago
I expected it too, seeing as it won't have online multiplayer. It would be nice if it had a lot of content.
TopDudeMan  +   1391d ago
Would be nice if they released it later on the PS3, because that's the only way I'm gonna get to play it.
CynicalVision  +   1391d ago
You're not getting the Vita then?
TopDudeMan  +   1391d ago
Well, I already have a 3DS, so I don't need another handheld system. Plus, I've always bought nintendo's portable stuff and have never been disappointed.

I like uncharted, but not enough to buy a new system for it.
Biggest  +   1391d ago
And that is why god made exclusive games. It would be nice if everything was vanilla, but only if you like vanilla a whole lot.
DeeZee  +   1391d ago
Indulge a little, get a Vita too! The 3DS is cool, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land are amazing--but the Vita is on another level. Also you wouldn't be buying it for Uncharted, there's going to be a bunch of other great titles on it.

The 3DS is cool, but Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon can only get me so far. They're all great series, I just want some console type games on the go.
TopDudeMan  +   1391d ago
Well, mario, zelda and pokemon are more than enough for me to play on my 45 min bus journey every day.

When I get home, I only play on my PS3 anyway. I'd never dream of playing a portable game at home because it kind of defeats the purpose.

And I think I've indulged way too much in games this year. Saying that, I still have a backlog of about 5 or 6 games that I haven't even bought yet.

I'm sure there are lots of cool games for it, but the only announced one so far is uncharted, and I have to go on that. If they announce a game that I absolutely have to have, then my mind might change.
Misterhbk  +   1391d ago
I don't understand when people say a portable isn't meant to be played at home. That's bs if u ask me. A portable is meant to be played wherever I want. Whether in my bed, on the toilet, on the couch, or at the doctors office. This idea that a handheld has to be for specific places and types of games is just not realistic in my opinion.
Protagonist  +   1391d ago
I agree it is totally BS. I´ve owned a PSP since early 2008 and I only game at home, even though I got a PS3. Portable does not mean 45 min bus journey. Portable means, game whenever wherever and I do mine on the couch and bed.
TopDudeMan  +   1391d ago
Well, that's your opinion/ preference and not a fact. I prefer to play games on my big screen tv, but since my tv won't fit on the bus, my handheld will have to do.
KaBaW  +   1391d ago
Handhelds are also great at home for when you have a power outage. (:
MasterCornholio  +   1391d ago
This is going to sound kind of stupid. But I would like to play some of my PS3 games laying down in bed. Which is where the Vitas remote play comes in.

Misterhbk  +   1391d ago
I think that's the difference. You settle for playing on a handheld because you can't at that time on a console. I look forward to playing on my handhelds and often choose playing them over the home console.
remanutd55  +   1391d ago
very good to know , now i need more info on Resistance Burning Skies and Killzone vita
r21  +   1391d ago
say what now? :O
thats shockingly awesome.
SSKILLZ  +   1391d ago
That's nice, it is gonna be my first game for the vita, fantastic news.
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Game3s  +   1391d ago
Better be quality and not quantity.
GodHandDee  +   1391d ago
what's better than a great single player experience? one that is even longer
jspencep  +   1391d ago
This might push me to get the Vita day 1.
I was considering holding out cuz I was worried games like this would have only 5-6hrs of gameplay.
However, it sounds like this could be legit, provided Sony bend doesnt screw it up!
DialgaMarine  +   1391d ago
Will it still have multiplayer and co-op components? A Portable UC3 would just be too great.
Sugreev2001  +   1391d ago
That should be the case,considering it's one of the major reasons for people to buy the Vita at launch.
RastafariPrime  +   1391d ago
Ah, this is great news... I loved Uncharted 3 with a major passion... but the story was shorter. It didn't bother me because it kept me involved the whole way through, but it was shorter than Uncharted 2 and Drake's Fortune.
Darkfiber  +   1391d ago
PS3gamer4life  +   1391d ago
I never was disappointed wit uc3 dat game is the best
coojo  +   1391d ago
this game has nothing on infinity blade 2 ios4life
bobrea  +   1391d ago
Wish I had enough money for a Vita solely for this game. I would probably barely use it since I never play portable games but I would play the shit out of this. But portable game systems are a great alternative to magazines in the bathroom :D
Nac  +   1391d ago
Longer? Probably. As Dynamic? Probably not.
Gamerita  +   1390d ago
Vita looks more & more attractive each day but retail price is too much specially without any games or memory cards included.i'm sure we will see some really nice Vita bundles by end of next year or probably earlier,all depends if sales don't meet Sony's expectations.
gustave154  +   1390d ago
get the bundle theres a 4gb mem card included.
its a pretty good deal.
(provided you are buying retail games)
extermin8or  +   1390d ago
Bundle what?! where? :o SHOW ME! lol
gustave154  +   1390d ago
Resistance Retribution was a long game so its nice sony bend is doing the same thing for uncharted too.
extermin8or  +   1390d ago
We;; as it's got no multiplayer I should hope it's quite long..... :)
SnowBlu  +   1390d ago
good to know

any news on multi?
masa2009  +   1390d ago
Wasn't God of War Chains of Olympus supposed to be as long as the first God of War?
I'll believe it when I see it.

And since all tolerable PSP games ended up being ported to a home console, I'm pretty sure this one will be coming to the PS3 down the line as well.

I invested good money in my PSP and I'm still a bit bitter about the few great games the platform had being ported over, so I'm not sure if I'll buy a Vita.

If Sony came forward and said that all their first party Vita exclusives will not be ported to a home system, it'd make me that much likely to purchase one. But of course that's not gonna happen.
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