Uncharted: Golden Abyss Campaign To Last Longer Than Uncharted 3's

NowGamer: PS Vita Uncharted title to have a longer campaign than PS3 game.

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fluffydelusions2108d ago

That is good news. I just hope GA is up to ND standards.

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MariaHelFutura2108d ago

It's hilarious when people use their only bubble to troll...

Iroquois_Pliskin2108d ago

okay people wtf! Keep this spoiler free

NAGNEWS2108d ago

if your a good or a bad guy you get disagrees anyway - its in N4G's nature

sikbeta2108d ago

lol who cares about agrees/disagrees, it only counts when you say something funny :P


And another reason to buy this awesome portable system on Day One!!!

E2M2108d ago

its a shame uc3 was shorter than uc2, hopefully this game will keep up standards

beavis4play2108d ago

i was let down by the last third of UC3 story too. SPOILER!!!!!!!!!! i mean, having the big reveal at the end be tainted water was kind of lame.

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rezzah2108d ago


lol you didn't even play the game did you? If you did then you surely didn't even finish it?

That would be a shame since you were so close to the reveal of what is IN THE WATER, and not the water it self.

If it was released...there would be no stopping it. This is why it never was let out.

Eamon2108d ago

You guys care about Uncharted story?

I like Uncharted series for its gameplay, action thrill and set pieces.

Uncharted's never had a great story in the first place. If you want great stories, then play games like Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy.

KUV19772108d ago

The story of Metal Gear is so overrated. Just because it is complex and has a bazillion twists doesn't make the story good, let alone the storytelling, which reminded me of boring powerpoint presentations from time to time.

The Uncharted overall story-arc is pretty good. I will admit that the second part had smaller logical problems and the third even more so, but overall this franchise is very solid. It has some of the best characters that easily carry the audience over smaller story-hiccups...

But of course that is also just my opinion.

Kratos_GodOfWar2108d ago

Eamon just said if you want great story play Final Fantasy sure he only play the hype games like ff 13 which was a boring terrible game I rather play uc3 10times then play any ff games yuck lol

Eamon2107d ago

blessda1, with just a few more grains of intelligence you would have identified the character in my avatar as Zidane from Final Fantasy IX. I was referring to older Final Fantasy games not the trash known as FF13.

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extermin8or2107d ago

@Ares actually I think it was shorter because they gave the release date over a year from release and then HAD to stick to that lol still it was a brilliant game :p

StraightPath2107d ago

story was forgettable in UC3 not as good as UC2.

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TrevorPhillips2108d ago

I cannot wait for PS Vita and this game, a long with other great titles of course! :)

Fylus2108d ago

Same here! I was never interested in the PSP just because I've never been much into handheld gaming, but the PSV has me very interested. I'm especially loving the graphical capabilities. The PSV will be the first handheld gaming device I'll have ever bought in my life.

sikbeta2108d ago

Me too, that thing is just so good, it's packed with so much stuff on it, makes my PS3 jelly :P I want to know if that Toro Mini game will be available outside of Japan, Toro and Kuro FTW!

ironfist922108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Will this get a PS3 release also? Or is it exclusive just for PSV?

Or, even better, will it come with cross-compatibility?

Rival_312108d ago

I believe it will only release on the Vita.

CloseSecond2108d ago

You might want to wait and see. There were many supposed exclusives on PSP that made their way to the PS3.

GA may just be a timed exclusive on the PSV.

CynicalVision2108d ago

I can see the game getting a PS3 port release in the far future but for now it's a Vita exclusive.

beavis4play2108d ago

hope so - i'd like to play it and i'm not getting a vita.

ironfist922108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


double post

fastrez2108d ago

Good value. We could be seeing a shift in the way handhelds deliver quality. Now, if only the prices matches iTunes, we'd be sorted.

DeeZee2108d ago

If this were an Appstore game for $4.99 it wouldn't be this long. If it was, it wouldn't have the same graphics and production values.

Frankfurt2108d ago

Haven't played many iPhone RPGs or MMORPGs, have you?

DeeZee2108d ago

@Frankfurt umm, some folks would label me an Apple fanboy, I've owned every iPhone and iPad. So yeah, I've played many iOS RPGs and MMOs. They have longer campaigns sometimes, but none of them have the production values of this game.

Cosmo8112108d ago

You can have cheap bad-to-average games, or more highly priced excellent games. One or the other.

Fylus2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Then explain why Battlefield 3 shares the same price as Modern Warfare 3.

Yearly game releases should not be worth full retail price.

Cosmo8112108d ago

@Fylus this assumes that the price is a reflection of the amount of time spent developing it, which is false.