Street Fighter IV unveiled with in game Screenshot

Street Fighter IV unveiled with IN-GAME Screenshot

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WAR_MACHINE773941d ago

I really like this new art style. This is the first SF I've been looking forward to since the SNES

PS3PCFTW3940d ago

haha ryu still looks constipated........wheres akuma?

badman13940d ago

plzzzzzz get it right a 3D never works lol

sonarus3940d ago

i knw a lot of you will see me as a hater but i dnt see this street fighter recapturing its fame and glory. keeping it 2d is a mistake imo. they should find a way to make 3d work. The last 3d game wasnt that great but dats not to say they shouldnt try again. We'll have to wait and see but i feel 2d is a mistake. Plus the new art style sucks they should have made it more like the cartoon like the new 360 naruto game. First screenshot...not impressed

MADGameR3940d ago

Its BOTH 3D AND 2D! I can see it perfectly! Look at his left foot VERY closely. Capcom was going exactly for how the trailer models looked. This is awesome!

stunt2133940d ago

man that looks awesome its like 2.5 D

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krackchap3941d ago

awesome awesome awesome
crapcom will finally redeem themselves with this

Charlie26883941d ago

I don't know it might take the series to the next level or...>.>

Well anyway for some reason that Ryu of the screenshot doesn't look to convincing I was expecting like many of us are a sort of cellshaded version similar of the quality used in the last Naruto game were it looked like real anime came to life this one looks more like you typical anime to 3D kind of translation (but thank god not in the my eyes are bleeding kind of way)

well I hope Capcom know what they are doing and make it actually feel like a 2D game :)

TrevorPhillips3941d ago

this game hasnt been finished yet just wait when its full done. best regards Commander S

durran33941d ago

As a huge SF fan i can't wait for this game.. its simply going to be awesome, i wish it has online though :p

SolidAhmed3941d ago

It will be the best fighting game on 2008 for sure and the style seems to be better than ever.

long live Capcom