Transformers on Xbox Live Video Marketplace (in HD)

Regardless of whether or not you believe Michael Bay's Microsoft allegations for sabotaging HD-DVD/Blu-Ray are true, you can, as of today, rent Transformers in HD, on the Xbox Live Video Marketplace.

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gamesblow3758d ago

Renting HD-content... boy if those allegations don't ring true more and more every day. "ha"

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Michael BAY is GAY

Feihc Retsam3758d ago

I'm still holding out on buying a dedicated HD player (even though I have the PS3 for Blu Ray).
This is a great feature for those out there that only have an Xbox360, but want to enjoy the latest movies in HD.
Putting the whole "Payoff" conspiracy aside, this certainly is a good thing for the industry.
Not having to buy new hardware to enjoy the latest in visual technology is just awesome.

razer3758d ago

Stop trolling Xbox 360 posts.

It's $4 to rent the movie and believe it or not A LOT of people don't want to watch the same film 100 times and have no problems with renting them. I think it's safe to assume it is doing rather well since they seem to be getting more and more titles closer to the actual DVD release date. You don't have to rent them if you don't want but it sure is nice to have the option..which the other consoles do not provide.

I think even if MS gave them away you would find something else to b!tch about it.

SDFm3rc3758d ago

why doesn't the PS3 offer these features?

I've almost had it with my PS3 now. Since the latest firmware update, my console keeps freezing like a MO-FO. As if the machine is on the way down the crapper!!

Sony really has to buck their ideas up in order to hold on to their fanbase if you ask me (a major Sony fan), because with HD movie downloads, DivX support and a vast library of AAA games, it looks as though MS is trying to squeeze the very life out of them, like a giant Boa-contsrictor.

With Nintendo on one side dominating the casual market and MS on the other now dominating the hardcore market, where does that leave Sony? To pick up the scraps?

Right in the middle,

gamesblow3758d ago

You want Sony to charge you 7 to 8 bucks to "RENT" and HD movie for 24 hours? Is that what you want? Tell me, what flavor of anal lubricant do you prefer they send to you?

SDFm3rc3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

"You want Sony to charge you 7 to 8 bucks to "RENT" and HD movie for 24 hours? Is that what you want?"

No, what I want is Sony to stop taking the p!ss, take their fingers outta their asses and deliver some actual DECENT games! They do know how to make DECENT games don't they?

That's the whole point I bought a PS3. To play some AAA games.

After shelling out $600 last year, I'm starting to feel a little frustrated with my purchase, offering HD movie downloads like Transformers, would at least fill the void for the time being.

I know this won't go down too well with my fellow Sony supporters, but IMO, MS is starting to make Sony look bad.

gamesblow3758d ago

You want Sony to make better games, because microsoft is offering an over priced F*cking service, in which they let you "RENT an HD-movie for 24 hours for ungodly prices???

alright... I gotcha... "looks around" Just one question, though before I go. Does downloading over priced HD-movies for ungodly prices have anything to do with gaming? I'm just wondering...

Oh, what's that? You're an ANAL LEAK.. I gotcha.

andy0013758d ago

It is plain to everyone that you don't own a PS3 otherwise you would be happy that...

You can play Blu Ray exclusives on it in 1080p, not inferior 720p, and listen to them with uncompressed audio, not compressed 5.1, so you don't need to pay money to rent a time limited DRM restricted download and can rent a Blu Ray movie instead from many places, and play that Blu Ray disk on any Blu Ray device.

You can play games like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Fifa 08, Assassins Creed, Heavenly Sword, COD4, Warhawk, Simpsons, Motorstorm, and Resistance. The only games I would say are AAA in 360 terms are Halo 3 (overrated solo campaign) Gears of War (excellent) and Bioshock (short but great)

DivX Certification will arrive soon and will be implemented in a superior way, and in the meanwhile you can still stream divx, avi etc using tversity from any PC, Linux as well as Windows.

I have experienced a couple of lockups whilst playing Assassins but other than that it has performed flawlessly, but I have also experienced RROD whilst playing Gears of War, although thankfully my 360 has behaved itself since then, but there is always a sense of apprehension as to when, not if, it will do it again, for real.

Finally, the PS3 will eventually offer movies to download I am sure, but it isn't something I am interested in as personally I would rather own my media on a physical disk rather than pay for DRM protected, time limited, inferior content.

There are a whole host of features the PS3 has that the 360 hasn't, including SACD playback, customisable themes, free online play, an open network enabling user generated content, photo album slideshow, motion sensing controllers, DVD upscaling, near 100% PS1 backward compatibility, remote start with the PSP, and many, many more, if only you took the time to read the manual.

The 360 has the momentum and therefore has a larger games library, but the PS3 destroys the 360 in terms of the feature set, and is getting better all the time, as it will soon have Blu Ray profile 1.1, which means Picture in Picture and web connection from movies and the home software combined with divx will allow access to a whole range of media.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Assassin Creed PS3 = Unplayable
Heavenly Sword = Shortest game available this generation. 3h to finish
Warhawk = More lag than a womens prison and racist/homophobic insults
Fifa 08 PS3 = Inferior to 360
Simpsons PS3 = Inferior to 360
Motorstorm = loooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaading times
Resistance = Generic FPS, Red Faction on PS2 was better
Uncharted = Style over Substance
Rachet&Clank = Spyro the dragon is a better game

andy0013758d ago

You are so full of sh!t its scary. I'm playing through Assassins now and up to the eighth kill it has locked up twice, and both of them were before the latest update.

Fifa 08 plays great, as does Simpsons, as does COD4. Loading times on Motorstorm do seem a bit long when loading up vehicle choices, but that is nothing compared to the reported interruptions in Mass Effect. Resistance is great, rock solid framerate (better then Halo 3) and one of the better launch titles on any console.

LOL at Heavenly Sword and 3 hours. Every time one of you muppets mentions it the time gets shorter and shorter. It took me 12 hours on first go through, and there was still plenty of stuff I didn't unlock, and levels that I wanted to play through again. (Halo 3 took me 14 hours BTW)

All the rest seems to be babble and if you don't have a PS3 and haven't played games on it then you have no idea what you are talking about. If you want to believe reviewers over those people who actually play the games properly then I feel sorry for you as you are missing out on many enjoyable experiences.

razer3758d ago

WTF does that have to do with this thread? Isn't there enough PS3 threads that you can beat your chest in???

If it's so good then go play it and stop telling the rest of us how good it is for the 10 millionth time.. You PS3 fanboys are one insecure bunch..

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Waffle-boy3758d ago

Blargh! You have been able to download HD movies for ages. This is not news..!

This website has gotten idiotified by its popularity. Oh well...

Mr Marbles3758d ago

I think the posters point was that this proves MS is out to push downloadable content. It does not of coarse, if anything we could argue that Mike Bay is also trying to destroy HDDVD and BoRay because this is his movie and he is allowing it to compete with the HDDVD in the form of a download.

I like the service personally, I hate the theater and Im really picky what movies I buy, so Live downloads work great for me, I also hate blockbuster and live in a cold climate, it sucks to go all the way to a vid rental store, search watch flick then return, all that time gas and trouble being illiminated is worth the 6 dollar rental on live.

fanboyssuck3758d ago

What do you want them to do give you the movie for free? Or not offer it at all? You make no sense. Here in Canada it already costs around 6 dollars to rent a movie from Blockbuster, that being a standrard DVD. Here I can pay to watch a real HD movie and never have to leave the hosue which means not spending money on gas for my car. Gee you make lots of sense!?

gamesblow3758d ago

Yes, you sure can... for 24 hours. Sounds like a smashing good time and guess what? You never had to leave your house!!! You SNORK!

Mr Marbles3758d ago

is a brainwashed fanboy idiot, ignore him.

Besides, because blockbuster was stupid, they will now not be offering Transformers on HDDVD, so you dont even have the option to get it from there, why not download it off live.

snoop_dizzle3758d ago

downloading movies, could this be in sony's play tv with vod channels?

And man gamesblow, take it easy bro. I'm not saying you should agree with them, but gee calm down. there is good in debating but then there is overkill.

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