Opening Movie - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Video

Here are the first 19 minutes of the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2, all set in the ruins known as Valhalla. (Japanese Xbox 360 version shown)

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iamtehpwn1862d ago

You can say what you want, But this to me is definitely in the top Final Fantasy Openings Segments of all time. My personal Favorites being 8 and 10.

rabidpancakeburglar1862d ago

I only have experience of the FF X,VII and XIII trailers but that was really damn awesome. I wish that I spoke Japanese though as some of that was confusing.

rabidpancakeburglar1862d ago

Dunno why I said trailers, I meant openings.

ABizzel11862d ago

I'm not a big fan of Final Fantasy, but I have to give credit when it's due. That was an epic intro.

iamtehpwn1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I wanna hear the voices of the phantom disagrees on all the FFXIII-2 threads..

Ddouble1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I haven't seen this one yet since i'm running away from spoilers but my favourite opening is Dissidia. All the heroes and villains fighting each other to epic music.

CryWolf1862d ago

The best opening since FF VII and FF X to bad there wasn't any english subtitles in this video.

Outside_ofthe_Box1862d ago

My biggest gripe is that the battles don't happen REAL TIME.
Hopefully SE keeps their promise about 13-2 being more open.

I do admit that the opening looks good.

D3mons0ul1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Lol Lightning pulls out a small red orb, slices it in 2 and it summons a monster.

Looks a bit like FF7's summon materia. well, if you're gonna rip off a past FF, it might as well be 7.

iamtehpwn1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I'm assuming you didn't play FFXIII. lol. It's their Eidolon Crystal. They have to break it open in order to summon their Eidolon. Everyone's Crystal is shaped differently, Lightning's is shaped like a Rose.

D3mons0ul1862d ago

I know, it's just funny when you think of it in that way. And in this trailer, aside from the stone not actually being a smooth sphere it looks identical to summon materia.

baodeus1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

quite elaborate for an intro. This look more like the battle sequences in the earliest trailer of FF13. The moving stage is much better than a static one, though most battle won't be like this i'm assuming.

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