Army Of Two Delayed Because It's, Well, Rubbish?

"It may well have been, if the writers at Xbox World magazine are to be believed. They got hold of a copy just before the game was delayed a few months back, and the code they played wasn't so great. Wasn't good. Wasn't even bad. It was worse than bad!" Kotaku says.

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dachiefsman3941d ago

Funny I haven't even played the game and I thought it was lackluster at best....but honestly how much can you change in 4 months....

Might as well put this in the category of "ahhh damnit"

Muppetmeat3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Have you tried hiring yourself and your super-power out to developers? I mean, if you can tell it's lackluster (Oh.. there's a word we don't hear every 3 minutes) before the games even out... Imagine the production costs you'd save the gaming industry. Damn.. no more crappy games, that's revolutionary.

Ohhh.. I smell the super-power for the next Xmen movie.
Wolverine, Storm, Iceman, and GameSeer.

Brat: "I want the new Pokemon game Mommy!!"
Gameseer: "Don't buy that, my super power tells me it's lackluster!!
Mom: "Oh thank you, Gameseer! Here's my phone number.. call me."

dachiefsman3940d ago

must have struck a cord with you huh....or are you a developer in disguise..

I guess I should have relayed the message that I was referring to the gameplay videos and the trailers. The article clearly states that the version of the game they played was incomplete in many facets.

well my superpower has allowed me to save money on games this year so I am not complaining.....

I am also offering "Lighten Up" pills just pm me so I can get your address.

SpaceCowgirl3941d ago

I remember a long time ago when EGM named this game the #1 Coolest new game to look out for. The ideas of such a Co-Op heavy game excited me. Even when I found out Kane and Lynch was offline only, at least I thought man, at least there will be Army of Two. But now this just further disappointed me.

I hope the golden age of Co-Op gameplay comes soon, because few developers are taking this seriously when games like Little Big Planet are coming to show that Co-Op is the new "must have" game mode.

MK_Red3941d ago

I remember that EGM issue, they put it higher than Assassin's Creed, BioShock and many others!
AoT did look weak but worse than bad? It's usually hard to believe but AoT is an EA game so it could be true.

Muppetmeat3940d ago

I'm let down too.. If only they had talked to dachiefsman.. Then they'd have known it would have been lackluster and never wasted all that money producing it.

sonarus3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

ea may be weak but they do make decent games from time to time. The 007 series were pretty good especially the non fps 1's burnout is really good. fifa is pretty good, madden is pretty good. I still have faith in army of two i predict 8.0 ratings for this game if it sucks there's still haze to look out for that coop action

DevilishSix3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

SpaceCowGirl......if your really looking for that genre defining game for co-op.....Too Human could be the one, if it lives up to its potential. All fanboyism aside, forget whether its on PS3 or X360.

If Silicon Knights can get this right.....imagine the co-op play with a game that has 5 character classes that can go to level 50 and each with their own branching weapons tree level system. Customization could be thru the roof in co-op.

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mighty_douche3941d ago

Ummm its EA, what do people expect? Army Of Poo....

superman3941d ago

Army of two sounds kinda gay

superman3941d ago

Army of two sounds kinda gay

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