Xbox 360 Fall Update 2007 In Pictures

One improvement that wasn't made explicit in Microsoft's prior announcements was the dramatic increase in navigation speed throughout the various "blades" of the interface. Not only is flipping through each menu much quicker, but prior instances of wait-time when loading content off the hard disk drive is noticeably reduced.

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power of Green 3942d ago

That was the first thing that poped out at me.

Its so fast its not practical in a good way?.

One day loading will be instant loading is faster too due to the update. Camera's cleaner and sharper the stretched preview modes and enlarged pics look like sh8t while non stretched things on the system interface is much sharper and vibrant.

Multi tasking no longer causes stutter etc.

Lord Cheese3942d ago

i was well pleased with the speeds i saw with loading and the blades, i have to admit. Its like a new console! The speed of pulling saved games listing back from the hdd is massively better, and finally the in-game blade is almost instantaneous!

Forget the rest of the update - kudos to m$ for making the 360 much faster!

v1c1ous3942d ago

it would cause my 360 to slow down. and once in a blue moon pushing the guide button while playing a game would freeze my 360.

now the guide screen pops up in like 1-2 seconds. the home blade also comes up way faster.

as mentioned above, it's like a brand new console.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3942d ago

It is faster but then again it's MS they know how to make user friendly OS.

The Maverick3942d ago

yeah what every1 above me said, but i also like the way the console now loads up the disc, before you would hear it starting up as it began to load it but now it just seems to slide, also the bios are another good thing, and they make you appreciate how weired some people really are, well they are the two i really care about and to qoute 1 bio.

"i like your mum with gravy, Ahh bisto"

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