Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIII-2; stuck between a rock and a crazy place

Square Enix can't win right now; if they make the game people want, they get criticised. If they go out on a limb and try something creative, people latch on to it like it’s the death of the company.

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DA_SHREDDER2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

I don't think that any of the new devs that made FFX-2 to FF13-2 haven't played a real FF before. lol. Call me a hater all you want, but ever since I been playing FF since the 80's, I can tell you that FF13 just didn't feel like a FF game. FF12 sucked, but at least it sorta felt like a real FF game. FF13 sucked so bad I don't plan on buying a new FF until FFX HD remake, or they accidently make a good one and I'll still buy it used out of spite.

BTW, What pisses me off the most about you newb gamers who loved FF X-2 to 13 is that you act like the FF series is the only franchise they screwed up. FF and kingdom hearts on handhelds and Dragon Warrior 7 to what it is now, They've been acting like they were winning all along, but didn't realize they were in a downward spiral.

HaHa_Ostrich2353d ago

I may not be as true FF fan as you, but I loved FFXII. The real time battle system fixed what I hated the most about FF games - random battles/grinding. If you put some thought and strategy into gambits you could pass through thousands of sub par enemies with ease, and level up faster (without so many menu screens). It was fluent.

Ddouble2352d ago

You're saying the FF on handhelds screwed up the franchise?

The FF on handhelds have been the gems for SE this gen. Crisis core, Dissidia and Type-0.

haymoza2353d ago

Who is this article aimed at? People who were not satisfied with Final Fantasy XIII I suppose. Because regardless of what this article is trying to do - reassure everyone that this game is good- fans of XIII will still pick this up. This will not convince the haters that all is well with the sequel. I know I personally will not buy into the hype this time. As for everyone else who enjoyed it, I genuinely hope you enjoy this game.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, these kinda articles will never close the gap of distrust Square Enix created with its lost fanbase.

Tanir2353d ago

i always question comments like yours, well the last sentence atleast.

again besides ff13 and 14 how has square screwed anyone? first off ff13 is a matter of opinion, 14 was an actual bust.

they only made ff13 and 14 this gen, nothing else in the HD consoles. Last remnant is by saga frontier dudes, star ocean is by triace (great game) just cause 2 not developed by SE aswell as Dues Ex which were both good.

all square has done this gen is making great handheld games on the ds and amazing games on the psp like type zero, crisis core, KH:Birth by sleep etc.

so again how did square screw people? 1 game kills the 20+ years of reputation? or is it just a classic trend to hate every company this gen?

lets seeeeeeee hate on SE, capcom, Namco......odd....seems to be the 3 big japanese companies.....not sure why when western devs are just as guilty as any company with dlc and odd game design choices

Blastoise2353d ago

"Square Enix can't win right now; if they make the game people want, they get criticised." Absolute rubbish. If they`d bother to make Kingdom hearts 3, a remake of FFVII or atleast finally finish Versus 13 they`d have a lot more respect. Instead they mess about with a sequel to a game most fans of the series hated, which we all know wont be complete anyway because they have already planned DLC for it.

TopDudeMan2353d ago

I enjoyed XIII- it WAS a good game, but by Final Fantasy standards, it was a disappointment.

Who can blame me for not wanting to play a sequel to my least favourite game in the series?

D3mons0ul2353d ago

People can say whatever they want. If the game is good, people are going to buy it. You can say whatever you want now, but if the game is good, the reviewer opinion clicks with public opinion and so on, people other than you are enjoying it and it actually does turn out to be what even an old time fan of the series can call a "true"'re gonna buy it.

There's no point in "sticking to your guns" if a game is actually good, and people are having fun playing it.

Direct your hate where it's needed, DmC.

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