Required memory size revealed for multiple PS Vita games

The amount of memory size required has been revealed for several Playstation Vita titles, including Ridge Racer, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and more.

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MultiConsoleGamer2530d ago

Its not the size of the game saves that matters.

Its the size of the DLC that is coming down the pipeline.

Micro_Sony2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

DLC on my hand held ???? Blasphamy.

What next DLC on my combo order at Burger King - You get fries,Burger and Soda but if you want salt on your fries, Pickles on your Burger and Ice in your Soda you have to pay $2 extra.

sloth33952529d ago

Upgrading a combo size is dlc

CynicalVision2529d ago

Not according to some people, they complain about it so much that they seem to forget the fact that nobody is forcing them to have it.

--Onilink--2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

not really, because those games dont support saving to the game card, then even if the save file is just 1kb, you will need to buy an extra memory card just to play the game

DigitalAnalog2530d ago

I'm pretty sure these proprietary game format should have more than enough space to save. The real question is why games like Uncharated: GA would require an extra mem stick?

decrypt2530d ago

If i were Sony i would want to be able to sell as many expensive Mem sticks as possible. They are a business after all.

jp_footy22529d ago

Whoever disagreed with you has a lot to learn.

GirlyGamer2529d ago

Mmm depends on how they price it. If it's a reasonable price then more profit to you Sony.

Knushwood Butt2529d ago


I'm more interested in how big the DLC versions of the games are. Hot Shots Golf 6, for example.

CaptainN2529d ago

Hmmmm so Sony will rape its customers into buying their memory cards to save their games onto when the 3DS games can be saved on the actual game card? Why isn't Sony letting players save on the game cards, just to make extra profit on the memory cards? The Vita is just way to expensive....... the system price, the online price and memory cards on top of the high price of the games.....they will stay in second place behind Nintendo and their 3DS.

miyamoto2529d ago

Customer Rape, really Captain Obvious N?

No one is raping nobody, son. Sorry but PS Vita is only for those who can afford it & want to play its games. Yes Sony is letting players to save on PSV game cards. Google it.

If your a Nintendo fan then play Nintendo games. No one is forcing you to play PS Vita because you can't afford it.

Its not cool to bad mouth a Lamborghini just because its expensive and you love your Kia.

--Onilink--2529d ago

actually no, games SUPPORT the ability to save onto the gamecard, but it was also said that some games will NEED the extra memory card for the save file, that means you are being forced to buy the memory card just to play that game

CaptainN2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Yes your wallet is getting raped because you will be required for some games....and obviously those will be the really good games. As for not be able to afford a Vita, when did you learn about my finances, I can afford plenty trust me, it is just a choice of choosing value which I don't see the Vita being. You don't go buying Lamborghinis just because you have the money too, unless your just trying to show off, and I'm not a little kid in Junior High so there is no need for that. But just like the more expensive PSP to DS argument the same will follow with the Vita to 3DS. All I know is Nintendo always gives you good value while Sony always price gouges its fans. That's not fanboy talk that's just fact.

GirlyGamer2529d ago

If you only need the memory card to save those games then buy the cheapest one there is. Others want the memory card for DLC which is always awesome. Not to mention non-retail games, and the obvious music, pictures, videos etc. Why be against buying a memory card?

--Onilink--2529d ago

yeah, the thing is, if they release a console with no internal memory, and say some games support saving to the game card, why leave the possibility of other games requiring an extra card? people shouldnt be forced to buy something when there is clearly an alternative.

miyamoto2529d ago

How does Sony requiring a gamer to buy a memory card for PS Vita = "raping customers"?
But if its Nintendo requiring you to buy a memory card for your Nintendo 3DS you don't get raped? You just give in ,right?

You do realize that NVG cards can save games on it too, do you?
The memory card is vital to PS Vita not only for game saves but for other digital content like downloadable games, files, images, music, videos that one can upload on PS Vita's Facebook & Skype apps. So what's is raping about that value. Can you do this on your 3DS?

The original PlayStation was launched at $300.00 and one needs to buy a memory card on top of it but nobody complained. In fact Nintendo copied that memory card feature into their hardware, too.

"The Vita is just way to expensive..."
"As for not be able to afford a Vita, when did you learn about my finances, I can afford plenty trust me,..."
--First you are complaining its too expensive & then you said you can afford it...conflicting much?

"they will stay in second place behind Nintendo and their 3DS."
"But just like the more expensive PSP to DS argument the same will follow with the Vita to 3DS"
--What, so now you can also predict what exactly is gonna happen in the future?

Dude, do a better job at putting the PS Vita down next time.

CaptainN2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

OK,obviously you dont see them forcing you to pay for an additional memory card as a bad thing,which is sad that Sony has you so brainwashed into thinking having to buy extra things after you purchase your console as a good thing.Some games on Vita may just let you save on them but the fact is many wont and they REQUIRE a memory card.No,I wouldnt be ok with Nintendo forcing me to buy a memory card either for that matter but heres the difference.3DS games save on the game cards themselves and if you have other apps or programs that require a memory card guess what...Nintendo gives you one in the box,I am not forced to buy anything extra,so you fail on that argument buddy. And please don't go in to who copies who in videgames,Playstation wouldn't even exist if Nintendo hadnt approached them to make the Playstation for them as the Super Nintendo CD-rom. We all know Sony loves to take Nintendo ideas so dont start a flame war you cant win. Because all I know is that that button layout you love so much comes from SNES,those joysticks you love all come from N64 as well as that wonderful rumble,oh that wireless you like all comes from the Gamecube Wavebirds,and that lovely Move you like so much is a blatant copy of a Wii remote with Motion Plus,oh but wait Vita has a touch screen,AR and gyros,yea the DS had a touch screen for years and my 3DS has all those wonderful features already.Thanks for playing the who copies who game :p

Next argument :
Actually the 3DS can take videos,actually it takes 3D videos as well as playing videos and running Netflix,browsing the web,Facebook,music,pictures etc so I dont see where you think your getting more value with a Vita when 3DS owners have all that except for Skype! And when did saying something is expensive mean that I cant afford it? Just because I have the money to buy something doesnt mean I cant look at the value of said item "Vita" and say its too expensive.Its called being a smart consumer and putting your money where value is at.Trust me I dont need to brag, but I have a very good job with a very big company, but that is irrelvant to this argument.

As for predicting the future,no I am not a psychic, but have you ever heard the term "history repeats itself"??? And has Nintendo ever given up the handheld market ever???? Plus Vita handing over the first Christmas season is a big mistake now that the 3DS has 3 big guns out already Mario Land 3D,Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter Tri in Japan. If your going be a total Sony fanboy, at least try to come up with good valuable arguments to debate with me. And by the way,try looking at the yearly sales of the 3DS this year and tell me how you expect Vita to catch up to that number so quickly following the holiday rush !

Lazyeye792529d ago

I thought Sony said that the games would save on the game's game card.

Did they not mention that and I just dreamed it? Well those Gamestop vita memory card prices better be wrong.

--Onilink--2529d ago

some games support that, but some games like these need a memory card to save the game, that way Sony makes an optional-totally overpriced accesory into a mandatory-totally overpriced accesory.

I dont understand why they didnt just charge an extra $20 for the Vita and include 8gb internal memory, instead of forcing us to buy extra accesories...

smashcrashbash2529d ago

What difference does it make? Sony would have to raise the price of the VITA even if they included any amount of memory. All devices do this. They charge more for what ever about of memory the device has.

The only difference here is that Sony is selling the memory separately. The Ipad costs more money according to the amount of memory you need. What difference does it make if they charged you $30.00 more for the VITA with the memory inside or $30.00 with the memory outside? Would it have made you feel better if they hid the cost of internal memory in the price?

--Onilink--2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

Because the cost for the memory card is the same regardless of the size, so instead of overpricing every card, they give us a small amount of internal memory so we can play ANY game without problems, and those who want to download full games can purchase the 32-64gb

that way people get a choice instead of being forced to buy something, and we dont end up essentially buying an incomplete product.

And even worse when Sony shows that game saves can be stored in the game card, but on purpose(dont see any other reason why) leave the option for other games to require extra memory

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