IGN Gives 1.7/10 to Wii's Alvin, 2/10 to PS2 version

The concept of Alvin and the Chipmunks as a rhythm game totally makes sense, considering that they are a musical group. However, when you can't fail a song, your character models don't even seem to be performing while tracks are playing in the background, and there's no impact on how the Chipmunks play, you realize that this is a weak attempt at cashing in on the upcoming movie, one that's being sold at full price instead of at a discount, no less. If you need a Chipmunk fix, look elsewhere.

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Wardy3761d ago

well that was predictable...

MK_Red3761d ago

True. Everyone was expecting low scores for this BUT the unexpected thing is for the Wii version to get such a low score and even lower than PS2 one.

Prismo_Fillusion3761d ago

Damn, and I was all set to buy this game.

MK_Red3761d ago

Same here, I wanted to buy Wii just for this game :(
IGN is BIASED. There is GOTY material here!! :)

MK_Red3761d ago

Guess they have a reason: The movie they made the game based on it sucks pretty hard and is way weaker than that other one (Golden Compass).

ItsDubC3761d ago

Alvin and the Chipmunks is gonna win Best Picture at the Oscars =)