Killzone 2 Screens

Luke Plunkett from kotaku writes :
"Sony have released a new batch of screenshots for Killzone 2. And most of them look great! Lots of nice lighting, lots of explosions, lots of bad guys, lots of dead bad guys, everything you expect. Some of them, though, like the one above, look a little smooth. A little too smooth. Hrmm. But hey, it's a Killzone game, they wouldn't lie to us! Let's give them the benefit of the doubt."

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kingboy3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Exactly what i had in mind, killzone looks like no other when in motion.
Extract from the demo demonstration in Germany

jiggyjay3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Looking good.. Its right on track to become the biggest disappointment for 2008! Might be in gaming history.. The last I heard Sony has put in 20 million bones in developement for this game. So probably put in another 10 million for advertising and you got a big old load to carry with you.. This project was doomed ever since Sony claimed that the E3 2005 trailer was in game when it wasn't!

Lair=Biggest disappointment 2007

KZ2=Biggest disappointment 2008

Playstation 3=Biggest disappointment in gaming history!

allforcalisto3878d ago


look at how much is on screen....

ericnellie3877d ago

For the first time in a long time, I'm actually speechless. Those are a couple of the most ridiculous predictions I've ever heard. How does someone at your intelligence level even afford video games. Hey, I'm just asking;)

tethered3877d ago

@ ericnellie
Mom and dad maybe?

Violater3877d ago

" 1.5 -
@ ericnellie
Mom and dad maybe?"

Who just might turn out to be cousins which explains his level of intelligence.

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btkadams3878d ago

i dont see why it looks "too smooth". theyre just using motion blur. in uncharted, stand in one spot and spin the camera around really fast. the environment should have a cool blurry effect while drake will remain in focus. thats all thats being done in these pictures. its been done in games for years.

Kleptic3877d ago

yeah am I missing something? this guy trying to say, once again, that these are not real gameplay pics?...

anyone that saw the E307 trailer knows how much motion blur is in this game during panning...its as much as Crysis and Uncharted..."too smooth"?...when I first read that I thought he meant it was flat, like poor textures or something...then I saw the pic, which is one of the best pics released for the game so far (still not new though), and realized he is questioning how "real" it is...

w/ looks awesome...just looking forward to when we actually get new screens...some of these have been around since E3...and ALL of them are from the level that we have all seen...they are not new, sites need to stop saying that...

Clinton5143878d ago

I wrote that drama queen blog off a long time ago. ;)

Loudninja3878d ago

It looks the ame in the vidoes, what is wrong with these fools?

MK_Red3878d ago

Actually these look like early in game vids because the gameplay shown at Germany GC was far more stunning than these and that was real time!

Danja3878d ago

HMM someone is having a hard seeing the PS3 kick sh!t on there favorite system..-_-

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The story is too old to be commented.