PS3 to become Divx CERTIFIED

Tapping into media files on the PC has always been an appreciated feature for the PlayStation 3, but for video pack rats it's been missing that special something and we'd wager that something was DivX playback/decoding. DivX support is reportedly being planned for the Xbox 360, and it appears the folks behind the video codec itself have all but confirmed development for PS3 implementation.

DivX decoding support will come via system software update scheduled for release in the "near future". PS3 game developers can will also be able tap into DivX technology thanks to the recent Software Development Kit update for the platform.


The reason I tipped this off (although this is from nov. 13th):

The PS3 will be a divx certified device. That means that the ps3 will be able to STORE and PLAY divx files.

The 360 justs STREAMS (plays) divx files from a non-internal source (cd / dvd, external HDD, media center pc, mac, etc.)

You can't store divx on the 360's hdd.

That's why I brought up this news again, to make an additional point to the xbots who say the 360 is now superior in terms of media capability.

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gtgcoolkid3945d ago

i seriously think that the divx support come with the 1.1 profile stuff. that would be a great update.

jiggyjay3945d ago

A great update for those who bought the PS3 as a DVD player.. We all know that the PS3 was built as a DVD player first and a game console second!

ruibing3945d ago

I wouldn't mind your ranting as much if only you didn't group the rest of us with your "we all".

Bathyj3945d ago

Yeah, he should say 'All we dikheads with one bubble know".

whoelse3945d ago

After this update due later this month, the PS3 will be an even better media player than the 360 than before the 360 recieved the fall update and with the PS3s current firmware.

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krackchap3945d ago

lol at the above loser,no wonder u have one bubble left
get a life or maybe get a job so you can buy the PS3

beoulve3945d ago

my guess is next week. With the launch of UT3

NabsterX3945d ago

Gonna be great, now i can watch clips on stage6

Darkiewonder3945d ago

I know it's there but what's the benefit?

asking because i would like to know.

They could do you know. in game. allow a TV monitor in the game and let it stream some content ^^

LinuxGuru3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

that PS3 developers can use DivX tools to put high-quality in-game movies into their games, instead of the uglier lower-quality crap you see with RAD tools' Bink video that's used in a LOT of games.

Higher quality video should be a standard anyways due to the large storage capacity of blu-ray.

Polluted3945d ago

They're using DivX tech for streaming media through "Home". I suppose a dev could use the same tech in a game if it was when Jackie watches tv in "The Darkness". I personally don't expect it to have much impact on games. It's mostly for the media geeks, but that's not to say it won't be awesome.

solidt123945d ago

I am glad that Sony and Microsoft are embracing this technology. It's been used on PC's forever and it look great.