Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Trophies

The Trophies of Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Vortex3D2350d ago

Will be interesting the following trophies take as much time or more compared to FF XIII Treasure Hunter trophy.

Anomalous (Silver)

Witnessed every possible Paradox Ending. Witnessed every possible ending paradox.

Epic Finisher (Gold) Epic Finisher (Gold)

Followed the story to its conclusion. Followed the story to its conclusion.

Ddouble2350d ago

Sounds like another 100 plus hours to platinum it like the first.

Vortex3D2350d ago

Treasure Hunter trophy in FF XIII wouldn't be as bad if I get to use all the items I have to obtain. To complete the story and all the stone quests, I only need to upgrade a few weapons. Then, I have to run around for another 40-50 hours obtaining everything else that have no use. Just poor design to "double" the playtime if the gamer wants to Platinum.