Gaming Target Preview: Sorcery is a game-changer for PS Move

From "Sorcery is a game-changer for the PlayStation Move. The motion control movement is 1:1 and so too is the game's theme and what you're holding in your hand. The gameplay trailer makes it look like one of the stronger PS Move titles for the new year and in the PS3's entire motion-controlled library. With Harry Potter movies over and done with now, the wizards at Sony may have something enchanting for everyone looking for a new source of sorcery."

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darthv722318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

appears to have been well spent.

nolifeking2318d ago

A game changer that was already known of? I guess. Seems more like the game move was made for or the game made for move.

Series_IIa2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

That thing looks like a Krogan

MysticStrummer2318d ago

Move isn't selling badly, so "game changer" might be a little extreme, but a game of Sorcery's apparent quality is certainly welcome.

Nodoze2318d ago

Was worried this one had gotten cancelled. Glad to see this is not the case.