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Wii Users Spend A Third Of Their Time Streaming Video

Wii users 13 and older now spend 33% of their time with the system streaming videos (likely with Netflix) compared to 20% who did so with the console last year. 55% of the time is spent playing games offline and 8% of the time is spent playing online. That's the latest data from the researchers at Nielsen, who found that streaming video usage is up for all consoles in 2011. (Industry, Netflix, Wii)

Christopher  +   1259d ago
A better statement after this analysis would be "Internet connected Wii users spend a third of their time streaming video".

Most people I know that have a Wii, don't connect it to the Internet.
darthv72  +   1259d ago
its funny you say that
because its true. I've had to tell a few families that got one that it can be hooked to the internet.

Some may not have it connected because they dont have wireless. Others because they just dont want their kids being able to surf for .......

In any case, I have had to hook a few up to the web for updates. nintendo doesnt market that part of the wii very much. MS and sony thrive on the web connected console.

I can say that there are more commercials for netflix being used on the wii than the other platforms. It just seem more natural with the wiimote as opposed to the other controllers that they would advertise it like that.
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Christopher  +   1259d ago
I think it's because the Wii remains more a gaming device than anything else for most people. Especially considering it never replaces a DVD player or similar device.

A few of my neighbors have the Wii, but it's really their kids that play it and then it's usually the same games from a handful of those available. I don't think any of my neighbors on the Wii Fit, though.
Titanz  +   1259d ago
The Wii is a multimedia device
All the systems are!

That's why this generation of gaming could've easily lasted longer than the past one.
zerocrossing  +   1259d ago
True, though lack of innovation and graphics whores are helping to put an end to it :/
n4gisatroll  +   1259d ago
Ya. I know my family probably won't buy a Wii u just because it finally has acceptable graphics. It's a shame really that Nintendo is killing off the Wii just to make another Wii, with better graphics and a big tablet.
Shok  +   1259d ago
While some may laugh at this, Netflix is actually the #1 thing being done on PSN.

Not really news. This is totally normal.
Wenis  +   1259d ago
Its the main thing I do on my 360 too. Too bad the new Netflix that came with the new dashboard is completely retarded
jalen247  +   1259d ago
I believe it.

When my launch PS3 got the ylod, I dusted off my Wii and used it for Netflix.

Once I fixed my launch PS3 and purchased a PS3 slim, my Wii was once again collecting dust

If not for the Wii being backwards compatible and the fact that I still had some gamecube games that I did not play through, I would have never got the Wii.

Nintendo may not get my 2nd console money next gen depending on what Microsoft has to offer. Or I may only get the PS4
C_Menz  +   1259d ago
Sort of sad since Netflix on the Wii is very bad compared to the PS3/360 or PC. The picture quality is very poor.
T3MPL3TON  +   1259d ago
That's because the Wii...... wait for it..... waaaaaaaaait.... has no games.

No but seriously... It doesn't.

Ok, I kid.. but seriously.

Skyward Sword was good thou..
pucpop  +   1259d ago
stop picking on the Wii or the Wii:u gonna pick on YOU!! HAAA:P
mike1up  +   1259d ago
I am not surprised. My girlfriend spends 95% of her Wii time watching Netflix. I had to buy another Wii just so i could play my video games in peace. I am not complaining though, it is still much cheaper than cable.
TheColbertinator  +   1259d ago
I just play games on Wii,I never use it for Netflix or anything else really.

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