Ensemble auctions off signed 'Age of ...' series for Child's Play -- free global shipping

Via Joystiq:

"We got a little note today from Ensemble Studios, best known for the Age of Empires series and currently creating Halo Wars, stating that the company created an auction on eBay with all proceeds going to Child's Play. The auction involves [...] essentially the whole Age of series, signed by the Ensemble development team. Estimated value is $300 and as of this writing the bidding was at $280. You guys can push that up -- it's for charity!"

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ngg123453880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

That will sell for millions more. I mean who wants more then anything a signed autograph from a dev team?

Awesome games though, and going for a good cause.

ElementX3880d ago

Whenever I hear "Childs Play" I think of those movies...

Charlie26883880d ago

WOW ULTRA sweet O.O ive always been a HUGE AoE fan :D

DrPirate3880d ago

This is really cool of Ensemble Studios

For the past couple of Weeks I've been trying to get Child's play into one of the teaching hospitals of the University I currently attend.

Really fantastic thing Penny-Arcade has set up.