Sony Renews the 100 dollar offer! PS3 for $299 a reality!

Sony renews the Card deal and now the 40 GB PS3 is just 299.99

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ChanDangle3908d ago

DO NOT DO THIS! Unless you know a little thing called credit scores, you can pretty much ruin it without realizing till later on.

DrPirate3908d ago

Just pay your damn credit card and you won't ruin your name.

People that think credit cards are free money are just plain idiotic.

Bathyj3908d ago

And dont get a morgage.

You might build equity.

DrWan3907d ago

what the hell are you talking about. You credit can only get down in two cases, 1) you don't pay your monthly (you should pay it off at ONE BIG payment, do not do monthly payment and let them earn interest). 2) If you apply for more than one card a year (i think it was one).

Now saying that, there is plenty of ways you credit can go up,
1) get a loan and pay the monthly on your home, and car.
2) use your credit card daily and pay off every month timely. (i use my card everday where ever i go when i have a chance such as starbucks because i get 1-3% back).

Kleptic3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

DrWan...not sure where you live...but in the US your credit score will rise faster if you manage debt...more than just paying off a credit card monthly...

say you spend $1,000 on a 13% APR card...and your montly minimum payment is like $35 a month...if you make on time payments on that, paying like $200 bucks each time...while keeping your overall balance around credit score will rise faster than just paying a card off every month...

where cards hurt you though is when a creditor will look at your available credit...if you go for a 200k home loan, and you have over 30,000 dollars worth of available credit to you in numerous open card could very well still have a good score, yet still be denied because you could easily go nuts and spend tons of money nearly instantly...its true that it technically is not a "debt", or money that you owe...its just the potential debt you could get into due to that money being available to you quickly...

if you are younger and are renting an apartment or still in school or w/e...its a great way to increase your credit by simply managing a small amount of credit card cards are not "bad", you just need to understand what to do and what not to do...there are plenty of people over here with $70,000+ in credit card debt, yet have near perfect "credit"...and the richest people in the US usually make most of their money during a time when on paper it looks like they are near bankrupt...manage your debt effectively, and you get the loans/credit you need to make more money...I should write a book...

DrWan3907d ago

yes i know, i am just pointing out the way you can Decrease ur score. As i mention in a separate thread in gametrailers forum. Paying off your house is the best way to build up ur score. i agree with u. but there i sno reason to pay a monthly for a PS3 that's only 300 dollar, not that much money for adults anyways.

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deeznuts3908d ago

Good deal for those willing to open a CC. Last year, Microcenter offered $100 rebates on their Xbox 360. I already have a PS3 and want a dang 360 if only they reintroduce the rebate I'm on it!

Muppetmeat3907d ago

I was going to buy a 360 for this Xmas until Macro$haft announced the next console would come out in 2011. I was all lined up and had most of the money saved. I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend $400 on a console that'll be supported in 8 years than $350 on one only to have M$ drop it faster than a bad habit (remember the Xbox anyone?) in 4 years.

lawman11083907d ago

Hold out until then when GTA4 comes out they are going to drop the "Pro" and Elite around $100 bucks. I just ordered the Elite from Amazon because they had it for $449 with no tax and free shipping.It is the Bundle box too so off to ebay or gamestop Marvel U A will go as soon as that box opens. At least it came with games and not some lame movie, Thats right the 360 was built for games NOT movies.

tomfoolery3908d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

for desperate measures.LOL!
They could try to sell this machine for $150
and it still isn't going to improve the pathetic software availability
and sales it continues to have.

Here's a thought for some of you disgruntled ps3 fanatics.
Get your lazy arses off of N4G,
and get em down to a store and buy
some frickin games......yeah,now you got it?...........Hello?

Wow,you know something fellas?
It's a sad day when you won't even support the company,that you act as if you would die for.

Get a grip guys,

Hey theoneandonly my brotha........
look at all the disagrees we got.
I tink we bodered a couple wittle Sonyboys wit a wittle bit of weality.

That's OK,PS3fanatics,
your excuses and hopes are pure entertainment to REAL GAMERS.
You guys should really buy a 360!
Uh oh.........hear come the RROD insults...............I'm so pwned!!!!

theoneandonly3908d ago

The problem with the ps3 is even at $150 you don't really want to spend money at it, and obviously eventually it will have Metal Gear Solid 4, I really think they should just bundle Metal Gear Solid 4 with the ps3.

Obviously that won't end the difficulties. The real problem with the ps3 is it doesn't have that many games even coming out for North America. There's no heavy shooters, no heavy action games, no "revolutionary" type of games and I mean in all honesty....

Isn't there just more sequels coming for the ps3?

And are those sequels really going to do anything but sell to the same people who has been buying the same game for years?

I don't think that is a good price, but even $150 isn't that good of a price either.

And if you are honestly into those type of games, can't you run over to Costco and just pick up a ps2 or an xbox? All for under $100.

It seems to me like the ps3 is not getting any games which will really sell at crazily high levels such as the Guitar Hero series. I really just wonder Tom, could it have something to do with the Blu-Ray?

All I know is there is something wrong with the ps3. Nobody I know wants one, not now and not in the future for however long.

And Tom, don't let the flashy advertising fool you or your friends. Other game systems, such as the Xbox360 already do nearly everything the ps3 does and will always have more games.

I would say its a choice of values, you have to really be drawn to something to be forced to buy it.

ruibing3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

I hate to break up the back padding between you two, but I really didn't want you guys to get the wrong impression that no one is respond because they have been left speechless by your powerful, persuasive words.

You all still keep on talking about lack of software, but you guys are a few months too late for that to be a valid argument. And as for the lower than expected game sales for the PS3, well the culprit for a lot of PS3 owners is the extensive PS2 game library. I bought my PS3 for some action but mostly JRPG games and there are just too many on the PS2 for a less than a third of the price for a full recent game. Now, I obviously can't speak for others, but I know I've bought a few PS3 for the holiday: Rock Band, GHIII, Uncharted, and AC. And as I've just about completed my JRPG library of games (over three dozen), I'm finally shifting towards more PS3 titles just in time for next spring.

This news was simply a good deal for anyone interested in a PS3, not an excuse for you guys to be ranting. And if you guys are going to rant at least stop it with the "even $$$ is too expensive", because just about every single PS3 owner will tell you that it was worth every penny they paid. If you don't have one you obviously don't get it, which is why I've never argued with 360 owners who says Gold membership is worth every penny. And unless you guys have Silver membership and are waiting for contents, please just stop.

killer_trap3907d ago

thank you for a job well done.

Clinton5143907d ago

Reading half way through your trash shows just that...silly fankid desperation. Go to be kid.

hitthegspot3907d ago

No backwards compatibility. You know, that's what all the Sony FanPack said when the xbox 360 came out 2 years ago, but this time with the 40GB, it's a reality. No Blu-ray 1.1 or 2.0 support, and you can yell all you want that Sony is going to come out with this. Well I hate to say it over and over, but there is no update coming this year and if there was a supposed update, don't you think it would be out by now so all of us with cash in hand would flock over to the Blu-ray team? Sorry Sony, No Sale until you prove that the 40GB player is future proof.

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Darkiewonder3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

If you already have the cash for it, do it. That's what my parents did. they already had the money to buy the stuff. they just got a Credit Card to build up their credit line.

EDIT: someone's having a ball playing with the disagrees :x

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