Texas Attorney-General Files Complaint Against Games Radar

"Greg Abbott, Texas' Attorney-General, has filed a civil complaint in federal district court against gaming site Games Radar. Citing the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Abbott accuses Games Radar of collecting unnecessary information from children under the age of 13, and also of having inadequate age verification processes as part of their member sign-ups, both of which "expose children to dangers on the internet". All seems a bit silly to us, especially since it's all based on the belief the site is targeting young children by covering games based on animated films, but then we weren't the ones singled out from the crowd (both allegations could be made against any major commercial site like IGN, GameSpot, etc) for special treatment. Games Radar have yet to respond to the allegations. Those after some bedtime reading can find a .pdf of the suit below" Kotaku says.

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Drunken Moogle3939d ago

Look it's the next Jack Thompson,well lets hope not.Games Raider is awesome and if this d-bag wins this suit i'm gonna be pis$ed.Its bad enough game company's get nailed but now a slew off game web sights.Get a life stop ruining ours and Greg maybe if you watched your child better he/she wouldn't be in these darn bad internet sites.