SSBB Delay Thinning Dojo Updates?

These are darkest of days for those of us who are eagerly awaiting the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For the last few weeks, the updates have been disappointing to say the least and MEGATONik thinks they know why: the delay has forced the man behind the game, and updater of the website, Masahiro Sakurai, to stretch out the news an extra two months.

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unsunghero283941d ago

I think that's true. No question.

But with that said, nothing like this has really been done before- not on a near-daily basis, anyway. Maybe we've taken the Dojo for granted a tad?

kira9893941d ago

Yeah.. You bring up a good point... and it made me realiz i have taken it for granted lol

But if something like this were to happen i would rather them come out and say "we are giving less updates... they will no longer be daily."

This i would be ok with... maybe a weekly thing.

Its better than getting an update telling me i can now play SSBB by in widescreen!!!!!!

desolationstorm3941d ago

What the widescreen was such an important update. Yeah I agree with the article. I didnt realize how bad it had gotten until I missed checking the update one day which I have never done since it was started. Sure enough when I checked it later wasnt anything important. I couldnt really care the most important update for me is done the stage builder will extend this game to crazy length. So he can just post pictures of himself playing while flipping us off for all I care.

I do agree that Dec. 3 was a sad day indeed for me. 6 years on the date from the melee would have been cool.