Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Map Pack Review | The Controller Online

The Controller Online writes: "Dice’s first add-on to Battlefield 3 are remakes of four multiplayer maps from Battlefield 2: MC. These aren’t just a re-issue of the same old maps though, they have been completely rebuilt and remastered for Dice’s stunning, new Frostbite 2 engine. While they’re pretty, and free if you pre-ordered and got the Limited Edition, do they justify the $14.99 price tag?"

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Hufandpuf2318d ago

Battlefield 2:MC was on ps2 Xbox, and Xbox 360 and did not have the four maps.

h311rais3r2318d ago

That's because bf2:mc was a spinoff of battlefield 2 pc

Hufandpuf2318d ago

I know that. i want to know why he referenced BF:MC instead of BF2.

HK62318d ago

Back to Karkand is not a map pack; it is a full expansion.