Burnout Paradise Demo Hands-On + The Real Release Date

Gamespot says: If you've got a Burnout itch that's badly in need of scratching, we've got some good news. Though the North American and European release dates for Burnout Paradise are still over a month away, on December 13 those of you with a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 will be afforded some temporary relief in the form of a demo that supports both solo and online play. We recently had an opportunity to spend several hours with the PS3 version of said demo, and we're pleased to report that it bodes well for the finished game.

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crazy250003877d ago

w0w i wana c how this works out......should be awesome!

Hydrollex3877d ago

Look at the display picture. Wow nice graphics + fun

sonarus3877d ago

i really wanna see their crash system heard its sick. Gspot has had hands on with the ps3 version come to think of it i've only seen impressions for the ps3 version. the devs said the 2 games are the same except for having to invite friends you have to pull up xbox live blades

razer3877d ago

That has all been fixed from what they said in the near final build they played. They also went on to say that the graphical differences are no longer there. It plays and looks the same.. I am so glad they are doing a demo because I've been turned off by everything I'm hearing about how the game has changed.. I already have Test Drive Unlimited I don't need another.. But this demo will show me whats up.. Nice work Criterion!

GIJeff3877d ago

you wish both versions look the same. Oh how you wish. I'm willing to bet a stack of pogs that the ps3 game looks a little sharper, with cleaner textures(not as blurry). But who cares when youre going 200+ mph :)

Crazyglues3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I can't wait to see how it feels with some rumble.

Of course if your on 360 rumble is not something you need to think about, but with the xboxlive service it will be interesting to see how it works.

Since the whole purpose of live is to make it all easy to connect with people to play online. -So it will be interesting to see if Criterion with some help from EA, decide to put up some heavy server support.

I will be checking out both versions of the demo 360 and PS3 to see if there is any real difference between the two.

This will be interesting since they said PS3 was the leading system they designed the game for. -so I don't think we will see any frame rate problems or stuff like what we have seen in the past from EA.

Korosuke3877d ago

Speaking of a rumble, this game has leaked existence of DS3 before official announcement at E3(?) TGS(?).

Relientk773877d ago

Burnout is awesome... I cant wait for this demo

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The story is too old to be commented.