GameSpy crysis review 4.5/5

Every couple of years a PC game comes along to push the envelope at any cost. Crysis is this year's landmark. Players are treated to one incredible vista after another, and as the game progresses, it continually ups the ante for visual spectacle. Crysis serves up dynamic gameplay in a lush environment, but it comes at a cost: you'll need a whopper of a PC to run it, and even powerful PCs will want to stick to 1024 resolution to keep a solid framerate. If your rig can handle this beast -- and if you don't mind the sometimes frustrating nature of an unscripted, open game -- then Crysis definitely delivers on its promise.

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Blademask3874d ago

Seriously... previous unworthy games that got 5/5 really screwed everything up.

Crysis is nothing but amazing. Its the most amazing game I've seen in my 24 year life.

The gameplay is superb.


its the most amazing game, nowhere near the most amazing looking game though

Guardian0fPeace3874d ago

certain; haven't seen any other pc games lookin as good gfx wise, and especially no console games lookin as good there a game idk bout?