Starhawk: Pure Gameplay Footage From The PS3 Beta + New 720p Screenshots

Check out some pure gameplay footage from the Starhawk beta for PS3. There were released some new screenshots, too.

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Drabent2289d ago

Been playing the beta for 3 days now, was hoping it wasn't the same mini halo crap game Warhawk was but it all of u that liked Warhawk check it out.

deadpoole2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Good lord ... game is sooooo fast paced ... your nuts will be left wondering what the hell just happened ... lolll

But in all seriousness ... game is lookin cool and Im really loving dynamic structure and barrier formation ... this is gonna add whole lot of complexity and would require new thought process and approach to enemy tactics and gameplay durin every multiplayer match.

Loving it ... game is doin soooooo many things at a time ... Ive hardly seen any other game doin that.

princejb1342289d ago

im downloading right now 83% in
and warhawk is not like halo, there to different
i loved warhawk and im hoping to love starhawk also

MysticStrummer2289d ago

If you think Warhawk was a crap game or anything like Halo, I can safely ignore you and be certain I'll never miss any useful information.

bobrea2289d ago


But it looks very similar to warhawk, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. but if you didn't like Warhawk, I don't expect this would appeal to you. Im guessing an average score of 8/10.

Arnagrim2289d ago

Do people really think shooters copied jet packs from Halo? Tribes had jetpacks back in '98 and even Killzone: Liberation had them back in '06.

Ducky2289d ago

... there's people that think Tribes:Ascend is a rip-off of Halo.

Dasteru2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Duke nukem time to kill for the PS1 had them also.

P.S Halo copied regenerating health from wolverine adamantium rage for the sega genesis. Every game rips off something these days, its nearly impossible not to.

kikizoo2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

..and halo is just an unreal tournament clone for ms consoles, so.

by the way, starhwak seems to be as fun as his old brother (but only ctf for now/private beta)

xyxzor2289d ago

Man this game is so much fun. Totally refreshing. The pace is a killer though.