Next Gran Turismo 5 Update and DLC Coming Next Week With a Christmas Present

Kazunori Yamauchi posted today on his personal twitter account that the next Gran Turismo 5 Update will come next week, alongside a new DLC package, and a Christmas present.

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Hanif-8762140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

This is my favorite car and always will be:

If that is ever a DLC car i'd just die :-)

yogaflame2140d ago

Then again another Nissan skyline and GTR. Please please no more Nissan. We want too see more European and American exotic, muscles cars and sports cars.

Abriael2140d ago

It's free. I'll take what they wanna give me, besides, GTRs beat basically every other car across the board for what I'm concerned.

Abriael2140d ago

I think "I" was the word he was looking for, deep inside.

sikbeta2140d ago

GT-R Rules baby! :P stop crying...


Holly damn, I need to buy another PSN card for this DLC ASAP! Day One like the First Pack! :D

MrDead2140d ago

more European, Japanese pretty much more cars from anywhere is good..... but more American cars, no. I only use them when I have to, not saying they're bad just not as exciting to drive.

sikbeta2140d ago

You serious? American Cars are lacking in the game, we need moar, not counting the Nascar as I don't give a damn about them, they're good and all, but are almost the same, so kind of bleh, I want All Generations Vettes Premium, totally deserve that treatment and some good old Muscle Cars like the Chargers, also an European Must: The Lambo Aventador :D

MrDead2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

The only Charger I would like is the 1966 model.

Sexy bit*h.

Feldman90002140d ago

I'm still waiting for the new mustang models. Don't get why they aren't in the game. Give us the 2010 GT, 2011 V6, GT, and Boss 302.

RavageX2139d ago

I want to see more "average" cars and classic muscle. I never was a big fan of tuner type cars. To be perfectly honest I really, really miss the special car-related cups the series used to have in A-spec.

I guess they are doing that in a way, but it doesn't "feel" the same.