Ripten Rant: PS3 Users Don't Need an In-Game XMB

"Today is the start of a new Ripten mid-week feature, where I, the resident Brit, get to rant about an issue in the gaming industry. If you have anything you'd like me to address in future rants no matter how big or small, don't hesitate to contact us. This weeks rant concerns the much wanted In-Game XMB for the Playstation 3.

There was some fuss over the last PS3 firmware update before it even hit. 2.0 was rumoured to contain a number of much wanted things – such as being able to play your own music during games, or bring up the cross-media bar (XMB) during gameplay. This final feature is perhaps the most wanted by Playstation owners, but I'm here to say they don't need it."

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PirateThom3823d ago

"So what am I waffling on about? Of course we need an in-game XMB, I hear you cry at me in a slight tone of annoyance. No, what you need is in-game messaging, and voice-chat to friends who are playing other games. This is what you need."

Exactly, but people are saying "In-game XMB" because it's easier than saying "in-game messaging, and voice-chat to friends who are playing other games"

riqued3823d ago

Lets just hope Sony is smart enough to understand that.

barneysdancin23823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Sony needs to work on it, making in game invites, ingame crosschat
and the ability to check a message without having to quit a game.

i still can't believe it is a year into the ps3 life cycle and still Sony hasn't implemented the feature that most users want.

DemiseofPandas3823d ago

I think Sony already knows it is about the messaging and chat, according to their poll they gave out to GAP members recently. A bigger problem was that same poll showed that they cared more about in game music.

solar3823d ago

i stopped reading when he was asking ppl to email him what to "rant" about. o.O wth is that? you "rant" because your pissed off about something. what a joke.

eLiNeS3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

LOL, The Xbox had all this last gen, I guess you get what you pay for. XBL FTW!!!!!

Maybe next gen Fony will get it right, Xbox 360 with XBL FTW!!!!!

Enjoy the next 10 years before the next gen consoles come out DelayStation fandroids.

hey, just saying, Fony can't compete with the Xbox 360, they in fact have gone backward this gen and made it more of a Trojan horse with blu-gay then a gaming console. And talking about going backwards, whats up with no feedback in the controller. Suckers!!!

jackdoe3823d ago

elines, you are such a fvcking fanboy. Ignored. Back on topic, Home is supposed to take care of most of these features, but I would prefer it if they were accessible outside of home on the XMB.

rubarb233822d ago

you can disagree with what eLiNeS is saying all you want, but in end, he is telling the truth?
yes he is.
and the truth hurts doens't it?
anyways guys, keep waiting for them good games and features

Armyless3822d ago

I can't wait for HOME to allow us to LAUNCH games like UT3 with our clans in one meeting place. That is, when I'm not designing game content in Little Big Planet. But it would be nice to have in-game chat and cross-game invites.

My PS3 is STILL ON btw, happily [email protected] with 640+ Work Units. Haven't turned it off since February and not a single overheating problem. It's great to have such a reliable console.

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HarryEtTubMan3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

They already said PS3 is getting this soon

@ the sticky BOT

Even if it was in '09 that's ok because I will still have 7-9 years to use it wil games being made. Unlike your RRODbox that will be dead in 2-3 years. Burn bot

sticky doja3823d ago

Yah but soon to Sony is like '09 or so.

Barreldragon003823d ago

Yes we do.

In fact thats all i want every thing else i could care less about. Achievements eh i rather play the game for the sake of playing the game not to earn some points. In game music using an iPod or stereo works just fine for me.

jiggyjay3823d ago

You don't get it.. With the 360s ingame music.. You get to hear the soundeffects from the game.. When you have your Ipod blasting you won't be able to hear the ingame soundeffects..

osirisomeomi3823d ago

They need to allow for a convenient match-up system for friends, so they can just click 'join friend' and they're playing the same game. If the game is full, send a notification to the other person requesting that they quit, and then together the service matches them up at a new server automatically. Combine this with the ability to message each other, etc and they have a winner.

poopface13822d ago

I thought you could already do that. Live also has a privat chat that you can join and I think yuo can talk to your friends while playing different games. It could replace long distance phone calls. I think that sony really need these pretty simple features. I thought live on xbox 1 was quality but the 360 version is soooo good it makes joining friends easy as poo. Even if PSN is free it should include these features. I dont have ps3 but if I did id be upset about this guys totaly wrong opinion, telling you you dont need it even though he knows its the most wanted feature?

Hydrollex3823d ago

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