Ken Levine huge God Of War fan. Kratos “sort of a b*stard”

Speaking to PlayStation Access (new episode on the PSN today) Ken Levine has expressed a love for all things greek and murdery. “I’m a huge fan of the God Of War series. When I was a kid I used to love Clash Of The Titans, I was sort of drawn to that period.”

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Hands Up For Games2194d ago

"sort of a b*stard?"

Come on! He's a "bad ass muther funking bar steward!"

StrongMan2194d ago

I love God of War as well and can't get enough. I have all 5 GOW games platinumed and enjoy every second of it all. At the end of the GOW collection there was a trailer showing footage of Deimos, Kratos's brother. I pray that it's the next game that Sony Santa Monica is working on. Don't know why they would release that trailer if they are not making the game.

Tarantino_Life2194d ago

Kratos is a bad ass! Nuff said.

Rampaged Death2194d ago

You look Kratos in the face and call him that you'll see he's not just a b*stard. Nice to hear other developers talk about other games they like.

jalen2472194d ago

GOW is an incredible franchise.

Everyone should be a fan!

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