Blu-ray vs HD DVD: just say no

iTWire - Stephen Withers, 05 December 2007:

"If you've bought a Blu-ray player or a PS3, you might be feeling smug about the news that the format took a 95 percent market share in October. But don't get too comfortable.

While Blu-ray enjoys a considerable margin in Australia - 26:1 on hardware and 9:1 on discs, that could change very quickly."

Withers considers the hi-def market as being too small to be a clear evidence of success for Blu-ray. He looks at two considerations that can change the format war very quickly: prices (of either HDTV, players or discs) - and China.

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Rice3794d ago

I dun care, cause i alreaday have one(ps3)

I Call 9MM3794d ago

They are definately right about price. Both high def disc formats cost too much. HD-DVD is making great strides when it comes to low price players (low quality, but the price is in the right range), but with both formats the discs still cost too much. Many new releases are in the $35CDN and plus range, even many catalog titles are in that price range. It just isn't worth buy movies at those prices. If they could bring catalog titles down to only a slight premium over their DVD counter parts, then it wouldn't be so bad. The same should go with newly released titles. They shouldn't cost 10 or more dollars then their DVD versions, may 2-3 dollars.

Oh, I guess the PS3 isn't that bad of a deal, since it includes a bonus gaming system with purchase of blue ray player. Lol, FLAME ON.

(I'm teasing, don't get upset people, lol).

crazy250003794d ago

up here the average price is $19 and $25 for new releases......the only high prices ive seen are the trilogies and movie packs

but im happy with my ps3 and blu-ray...will keep using em

brocool3794d ago

I dont know why.. but upscaled dvd's looked pretty good none the less,
maybe I just need more blu rays.

crazy250003794d ago

havent seen upscaled yet, hoping sony adds this to the ps3 later on, im not buying another player.....i know the ps3 is capable, just need software

dexterwang3794d ago

Yeah, High def dvds costs a lot more than normal dvds...

But thats one reason I love the format wars ;) All those freaking Buy one get one free, bogo, sells! 15 bucks for a hd disc? COUNT ME IN..

Went from owning 1 bluray to 8... attach rates through the roof

mattkelly19913794d ago

update 1.91 of sony playstation 3 consol added DvD upscaling. Under option menu while playing a DvD press traingle, then go to movie options, then click upscaled: double.

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ForTheFallen3794d ago

I like it more than HD-DVD.
Very Simple.

eagle213794d ago

What....waste precious dough on dvd?

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