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Submitted by Zack1 1446d ago | screenshot

This is YouTube on Xbox 360

Check out some screenshots of YouTube for Xbox 360. (Microsoft, Xbox 360)

dark-hollow  +   1446d ago
Metro UI is just pure sexiness
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1446d ago
Damn, I was going to try it today until it said you need Xbox LIVE. Oh well...
blumatt  +   1446d ago
Wait, so you have to have XBL Gold to use it or what?? That kinda sucks. Why does MS make features like this and Netflix exclusive to just Gold members?? Features like these should be for everyone. Not everyone can afford or want to pay $50 a year.
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MerkinMax  +   1446d ago
I've never payed more than 40 for XBL. Call them, say "I can get it for 40 dollars elsewhere" and they'll honor that. I bet they'd honor 30.
blumatt  +   1446d ago
So you guys are happy to have to pay for a "feature" that's available for FREE on every other device on the planet. Every phone, computer, other consoles (PS3), tablet, etc. etc. can access Youtube completely FREE of charge, yet you're glad MS makes you pay to use it?? Why?

I think this "feature" should be available to Silver members too, personally.

PSN: blumatt XBL: Blu Matt
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Rageanitus  +   1446d ago
Because they know blind ppl will pay for it.
It is the perceived value the consumer thinks they are buying into.
El_Barto  +   1446d ago
These are part of the perks of being a Gold Member, you get a ton of content for the price. People are always asking why they should pay for XBL and this new update is a clear example of that.

Why would you really have an Xbox 360 and not have Gold anyway? I can understand some casual's having it and not caring about online, but were in a day and age where most games are online enabled.

Love the new XBL, all the apps are fantastic and if people are wanting to try XBL, now is the time! You can always pick up a 12 month card on Amazon for like $30
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1446d ago
Yeah, you have to have XBL Gold to use it. Besides Youtube, I don't get why I should pay $60 for xbox live to use things like Netflix which then I have to pay another fee for. Doesn't make any sense.
gaden_malak  +   1446d ago
"People are always asking why they should pay for XBL and this new update is a clear example of that. "

That you have to pay for an otherwise free service is a selling point you're trying to make for Gold...
Godmars290  +   1446d ago
Because first and foremost you're you're paying for Gold to play online. Everything else that's tacked on after is suppose to be a bonus. Even when you're paying extra for it.
kreate  +   1445d ago
wow I came home and downloaded the awesome youtube app on xbox live ppl were talking about on n4g just to find out xbox live turned me over to the gold membership page asking me to pay for it!

geez ... such a disappointment. I guess its either pc or ps3.
aPerson  +   1446d ago
@ El_Barto

"I can understand some casual's having it and not caring about online"

What the hell does not paying for Gold have to do with being a "casual" gamer? I don't play online, because I don't like to. Does playing single player games make me a casual gamer? No, it doesn't. I've put 130 hours into Skyrim so far. Nothing casual about that.
Tonester925  +   1446d ago
Man thats intense. Go get some sunshine
GraveLord  +   1446d ago
lol those screenshots show The Last Of Us trailer :D
fashionccn   1446d ago | Spam
PCRockStar  +   1446d ago
Works really really well. GO MS!
-EvoAnubis-  +   1446d ago
I like how YouTube being viewed on the 360 is somehow a big deal. Not trying to hate, but I've been kinda watching YouTube on my PS3 since I got it in 2006. I'm happy you all are happy, but...really?
ExpectTheUnexpected  +   1446d ago
YouTube on PS3 is absolute shit mate, unless you still game on a sd tv then I can't say much. I own all 3 current gaming systems (including a high end pc) so no bias on my side, the 360 really does deliver on good Clear HD videos when it comes to YouTube.
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DebateMaster  +   1446d ago
Im not sure how you live but about 4/5 of gamers still game on crt tvs.
MastaMold  +   1446d ago
Sorry to say but yea xbox360 is way late to the youtube party
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Intentions  +   1446d ago
In all honestly everything besides computers are late to the youtube party.

Just saying.
gaden_malak   1446d ago | Trolling | show
El_Barto  +   1446d ago
No, this app actually works, it doesn't freeze up every time you try to use it.
timotim  +   1446d ago
WRONG! Xbox 360 had YouTube for quite some years now through Media Center...just like Live TV. And YouTube on PS3 is done through the crappy web browser...this is an app and runs much better.
FragMnTagM  +   1446d ago
urwifeminder  +   1446d ago
Works great thanks ms loving what you guys are doing lately streamlining the service,looking forward to getting a new pc and wii u that with the 360 has all my gaming needs and wants.
Chnswdchldrn   1446d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
urwifeminder  +   1446d ago
Love the playlist now i can watch the sony youtube song on my 360 .>s
Nunchez  +   1446d ago
Its a really really good addition to XBL but seriously at least youtube should be available to everyone not just Gold members.
Tonester925  +   1446d ago
I guess people don't use computers anymore. Free YouTube 365 days a year HD!
timotim  +   1446d ago
Most people dont have a PC hooked up to a 50+" HDTV like they do Xbox.
Tonester925  +   1446d ago
Its called an HDMI cable.

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